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Hello Darlings!

How is your week going so far? How is the weather where you are? Anyone else ready for spring?! I Know I am sick of this cold one day and hot the next crap!

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I feel everything took way to long to get here this month. Anyone else that does monthly subscriptions feel this way too? I still have not gotten my scentbird and the month is almost over.

Anyway, in this month’s Sephora bag there was a few things to be excited about! Let’s be honest the Sephora Play is always good! It never fails me and I look forward to it the most every month. If you are up in the air about a beauty monthly subscription THIS is it! I promise you will not be disappointed if you love Sephora.


I do not own a lot from Nars because honestly I can not afford it. I do have a few other lip products I have gotten either in a Sephora Holiday kit or in a sample. I have no complaints so when I say this I was happy! It is a color that I would have chosen for myself and the reviews from youtubers and bloggers I personally follow love them.

This is the Nars velvet lip glide and full size is $26. This is a good sample to see if you would like to spend that on a lip product. This is for those that what a half ass matte so to speak. It will not dry out your lips but will dry down some so it is not a gloss gloss….ya know??


I was really glad to see this since the mascara I got in my ipsy this month was really not my favorite. You can check that out here and here if you got something else in your bag or are just curious.

SO this is a Sephora Brand mascara Lashcraft for length & volume it retails for $12. I think the sample is really small, cute and I will be able to tell if I like it or not. It has a lot of claims such as it dissolves in just warm water no remover needed yet it is smudge proof…so I will give it a whirl and see.


Okay so I hate that burning feeling some of these give. If my lips are burning it better be because I just enjoyed the best hot salsa of my life! I do love my soap & glory mother pucker in rose & shine. In a pinch the Buxom lip creams give your lips a nice plump look. (my favorite is White Russian).

This is not their extreme version so I that’s a plus. This is the Glossy one which means is comes in colors lol & retails for $22. It does not smell as nice as the other two I mentioned but I will still give it a go.


Okay so I have loved some Clinique products that I have tried so when I say this I thought why not?  This is the HydroBlur moisturizer & retails for $29. BUT I love my Moisturizer from origins so I don’t think I will be changing anytime soon. I would have preferred the pep-start eye cream to try instead. Which leads me into the next product.


I use this eye cream already and have for years. I love it! This is the GinZing eye cream & retails for $30. I use it every morning without fail! It is good stuff.

Okay so every month they send a perfume sample and this month it was Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence. It smells delicious or as the paper says….”Sensual, Luxurious, radiant” If you get a chance give it a sniff!

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