Sephora Haul!!

Some new things to TRY!

Hello darlings!

I have done some shopping and figured I would share it with you!

It is two different orders so I got a lot of samples. I don’t know about you but I love ordering online just because you do get 3 samples with every order plus you can find a code to get an extra then if you really want more stuff (umm who doesn’t) you can use some of your points for a goodie!

Eye Masks

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now you know I love masks! I have a hard time finding the Sephora brand eye masks at my sephora. They are always sold out! That alone told me they were worth it!

You know I use the Sephora brand face masks all the time and that I love them! Super easy to use because there is no mess! I got the Ginseng which is for toning & revitalizing and Pomergranate which is for Anti-fatigue & energizing.

Perfect Hair Day!

I have been wanting to try the Living Proof line since it came out but I hate paying a lot of money for something I don’t even know if it will work for me!

I wanted to try the Perfect Hair Day shampoo & conditioner first. So I got the smallest bottles they had which are 2 oz each. I figure that is plenty for me to really test it out and make sure my hair loves it!

They got great reviews in Allure magazine and half the products that end up in allure I love so I figure it’s worth it.

Beauty Blender

I just went ahead and picked up another beauty blender pro. I read you should be tossing them out every 6 months if used regularly and the one I use daily is about to meet that mark. I like the original just as much as the pro. I really do not see a difference except in color.

I do use foundation brushes on occasion but I love the beauty blender! I find it makes my foundation look flawless! It also really helps blend in my concealer!


I have found many TWO faced Products that I adore! I have had my eye on the Melted Liquified  long wear lipsticks for awhile but never picked one up. Then I seen the Melted Metal in the color PEONY and new I had to have it!

I will be looking at the collection more next time I’m in the store to see what else I must have! I like to swatch before I buy just like I’m sure most of you do!

These are 0.40 oz and cost $21.00 which is why I did not rush out and buy them all. I will say I am very happy with the one I have!

Melted Metal in PEONY!


These are 0.40 oz and cost $21.00 which is why I did not rush out and buy them all. I will say I am very happy with the one I have!


Yves Saint Laurent


I of course had to buy two lippies lol! I have been wanting a Yves Saint Laurent Tint-In-Oil gloss for a very very long time!

I think the packaging is just beautiful! I wore this today and it gives a nice shiny look to the lips (not oily) and it really does conditioning them! (Keep an eye on my instagram for Pics)


It smells just like sweet tarts! I really like the light pink color. I feel it is an everyday look!

These are 0.2 oz for $32.00! Sometimes a gloss is just worth it!
One order of samples!
This pic is all the samples I picked in just one order! I did not use any of my points because I am saving them for when one of those really good 500 point perks come along!
I choose two fragrances! I love perfume samples because if I really find one I like these are what I carry in my purse or travel with!
I love the La Vie Est Belle  by Lancome but really don’t want to fork out the cash! I have 3 samples of this already plus I did get a roller ball! (only $25)
I wear this on date night because to me it smells like an evening scent. The name means “Philosophy of life and happiness” It smells a little sweet and sexy. If you have not smelled this yet I recommend it!
The other scent is in that bag at the top of the pic! It came with a post card. This is Pomelo Paradise by Atelier Cologne. I have never heard of this before so thought a sample of it would be good.  You know how some scents can be overly sweet? Like that sickly sweet? That is how this comes off to me.
I have tried a few of Kate Somerville products and have enjoyed them. They are expensive so I find other means. This is Intensive Exfoliating Treatment sample. It is “hollywood’s 2 minute facial” I love facial’s just as much as the next girl so why not!
The last sample I got in this package was one I got with a code they sent in an email. It is the Ulta HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation by Make-up Forever.
I once went in for a complimentary make-over in sephora and the women I got used a Make-up Forever foundation. I loved it till about 3 hrs in then I just felt like a oily mess! It was awful! It even made me break out!! YIKES
SO why did I get a sample of this? Well that was 2 years ago and what if it was something else she used along with it?? We never know till we try lol
Sample Batch 2!


In the 2nd order these are the samples I choose. I again did not find anything worth use my points for so I just choose the 3 you regularly get plus one with a code.
Look at the beautiful blushes!! These are Afterglow 8-hour powder blushes by Urban Decay! I got SCORE, Quickie, and Bittersweet! (In order from left to right) I have to say I would prolly only buy the Score color just because I get a little nervous around the real dark colors! (Really pale here folks)
This sample is perfect to test it out without spending money!
The the 3 foil packets are from Clinique. I used to use the Liquid Facial Soap in mild. I really enjoyed it since I do have oily skin. I only stopped because I got a lot of facial cleansers in my sample boxes and trying things out for you guys is what I do!
It then comes with it’s Exfoliate and moisturizer. I have not used the exfoliate ever but I have used the moisturizer. I did not care for it which might seem odd since a lot of people do. I just found my skin did not like it.
I of course got another perfume sample. This is Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani. This to me is a very fresh and clean scent. I see me wearing this a lot during winter. IF you like the fresh scent with a hint of wood you should check this out!
Lastly I used a code to grab a deluxe sample of Body Lift Cellulite Control by Clarins. The name grabbed my attention. IT claims to target early & stubborn cellulite. (smoothes, firms, and refines)
This is $70! So I thought well lets take advantage of the sample and give it a good test run!
If you seen anything that you would like a review on please comment below! I would be happy to give a full review on anything after I have tried it!
DO you love any of these things I have mentioned?! What is your favorite or your little gem? What caught your eye that you might have to get a sample of yourself?!
Please share your thoughts!
Till the next time!


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