My New go to Brow Product!

Hello Darlings!

I have been trying out a new brow product and thought I would share why I’m loving it.


Benefit has come out with a lot of new brow products lately and this is the one I got to try.

It is super easy to use and I love how quick it fills in my brows for when I’m in a hurry. I also use this for light makeup days.


The brush is so small that it is easy to work with which is a huge plus. Color match is good and it dries fast.

Now this is just a sample size I have here but once it runs out I will picking up the full size for sure! I do want to try out some of the others but this is a must have even if you just use it on quick makeup days.

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

I took this pic yesterday at work to show that when I’m having a bad hair day I like to wear a bold lip! hahaha

I used my handy quick brow product to fill my brows since I was running a bit late. I think it did a good job! What are your thoughts?

Have you tried any of the benefit brow products? What is your favorite??? Please comment below we would all like to know!




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September’s Ipsy “16

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Another bag added to the collection!

Hello Darlings!

How are you on this long ass Wednesday? My day seemed to keep on going and going!

So now I sit with my favorite people all cozy on the couch with my favorite collagen masks and lemon zinger tea.

I was not impressed with my ipsy bag this month. I saw my sisters pic of hers on Instagram (mlouise21)  and thought it was going to be a good month.

I will say it was not the worst bag so that is a plus.

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First up is this exfoliating cleanser by Befine. I have recieved other products from this company in received bags and they are good. This has no scent and Paraben free. I will never complain about an exfoliat if it seems to do the job. This one is all right but I would not buy it.

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Next is tonic by Radial. The dragon’s blood caught my attention right of the bat because it helps keep your skin safe from daily damages. When I run out of my other mist in my purse I will throw this one in. I use these through out the day and on no makeup days.

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You know I love mascara so this was a nice surprise. It is the superhero by IT cosmetics in super black. I have been giving this a go this week and it is a bit wet for me. I think in a couple of days when it has dried up just a little it will be perfect.

I also exfoliate a nail polish by Bombshell Cosmetics in Va Vroom. I would have added a pic but I cant find the damn bottle! I used it Sunday night and I don’t remember where I put it (I need sleep haha) anyway the color is received. It is a dark blue perfect for fall and it does a good job staying on. The brush was wider so it took me a minute to get used to it.

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So this sucks but not the end of the world. This is a highlight stick from beautiful in Maldives. It is a pretty highlight and I’m sure I could still use it. I was surprised t see in that big of a package that was all the product.

Alright folks that is this months bag! lol What was in yours? Did you get something that really made your bag?




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Weekend Recap: Celebrating, New living room pieces




Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? What did you do? State fair?

Mine started off good on Friday with new furniture pieces being delivered. We got some really nice glass tables (will show pictures soon) a new couch with a chair.

The last piece we had was just a huge couch with two L’s meaning it was a sectional. I knew it would over run our APT but we gave it a few months anyway.

I felt it was time to trade it in for something else so we did. We are slowly adjusting to a smaller couch hahaha.

Saturday was Jake’s Birthday ( he turned 26!!!) we started off the day with him opening his gifts! He has really been wanting the Viktor and Rolf: Spicebomb cologne since last year. He was surprised and happy to get it.

He received a few other smaller things and then we headed out to the farmers market.

Around lunch we decided to go to Eischens which is a bit of a drive but worth it every time. You can read all about it here.

If you follow me on Snapchat (becca_Beeley) you already know we went for a walk in the park with JJ (our dog) and she was not having it!

Till the next time!



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GoodBye Puffy Face!

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This is one of the best things I could have ever purchased!


Hello Darlings!

How was everyone’s week? Did it go as slow as mine?!

I am so glad it’s Friday! Jake’s 26th B-day is tomorrow and I am ready to spoil him rotten!

When it comes to celebrating or even just a late night I like to have my handy face Ice Roller!

I know you are probably thinking WTF is a face Ice Roller ! But trust me it is the best thing to roll around on your face first thing in the morning!

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It feels amazing!

This little roller

1. Starts the morning off right by getting blood circulation going!

2. Decreases puffiness (1 to many drinks or to much salt maybe), Eye puffiness is one of my biggest issues but this little baby gets the job done!

3. Helps shrink pores (tightens the area so they look smaller)

4. Minimizes redness and swelling when tired

5. Prevents wrinkle formation (HELL YES)

I have the one showed in picture above but there is this one and this one as well! I love mine because all I do is pop it in my freezer and it is there for me every morning!

Now I realize some of you maybe thinking every morning seems crazy. Who has that kinda time? Well you do my dear!

You use it only when it is really really cold! BRRRRRRR so it literally takes about 3 minutes every morning. I use it as I am making my cup of joe!

I’m telling you this Ice Roller has made a huge impact on my morning routine!

If you follow me on snapchat (Becca_beeley) you might have seen me use this a few times!

What are you thoughts on a cheaper version of an ice facial?! I would love for you to comment below any tips or tricks you have!

As always feel free to follow me on my social media

Insta/twitter: JustRobecca

IF you have any questions email me @





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A Few Fall Outfits

Hello Darlings!

Who has been enjoying all the great outfits from Fashion week??!! I have been following some of the social media accounts of influencers who have been given the chance to go!

That is a major  goal of mine! In this post I have put together a few fall outfits. I am on a budget and thought some of you might be as well! This are affordable for everyone to rock this season!


I am no model as you can clearly see from these pictures haha! I decided to be brave and model these outfits anyway!

The first outfit I am wearing a white boyfriend fit tee like this one and it’s on sale right now!!! Flannel shirts are always a staple in my opinion so I picked up this Slub-Weave Slit-back. I would also wear the slub-weave alone.

The jeans are  Mid Rise Rockstar in regular length. I folded the bottoms to wear my booties but when they are down a nice pair of flats or over the pants boots will go great.



In the fall and winter boots are my go to shoe. I own several over the pant boots but these booties were my first pair. I find these at Encore shoe dept at our mall. Online they have the exact pair here. They are the Dolce by Mojo Moxy in Elena. They are comfortable and super cute! The shades are Ray-Ban Aviator. (the closes color to mine)

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Full outfit! 

I have been loving this handbag for my everyday use. I got it at target and I could not find it online anymore but I found this one to be close. It is a bit smaller and different color but similar.

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Full outfit without handbag. 

In this pic I am wearing the same cute booties but with grey mid-rise destructed rockstar skinny jeans. I paired it with an old black tee from Victoria Secret that I have had for a few years.  This shirt is the close to what I have. It was a bit chilly so I added this cardigan/sweater I got for Christmas last year. I found one that looks really similar here.

My shades are Ray-Ban Clubmaster in black. My necklace is from my recent Rocksbox (learn more here) it is a halo pendent in sliver by Jenny Bird.

I wanted to mention that I also picked up a pair of mid-rise rockstar in black.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever post where I modeled the clothes! I would love to hear in the comments if you loved any of these pieces.

FullSizeRender 13 copy

Don’t forget you can chat with me on my social media accounts!

Snapchat: Becca_beeley

Insta/Twitter: JustRobecca

and feel free to email me at if you have any questions!





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