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Kombucha anyone?! I started drinking this stuff a few years ago. I found it in my local whole foods store. I had heard a lot of nice things about it.
I got a few crazy looks from friends and coworkers (They didn’t know how to react ha ha)
I will say my first sip was a big “Holy shit this is weird” moment. Then from that moment on I was hooked.
In case you are unfamiliar with Kombucha here is some background info on it.

You might see the word fermented and wrinkle your nose but it has so many health benefits and surprisingly tastes good.
I by this brand. It is sold at most health food store’s such as whole foods, and sprouts. I have even seen it at one of the Walmart’s here in town!
I have gotten it with Chia seeds and without. I will say drinking anything with the seeds takes some getting used to.
I don’t mind it because of the health benefits, but a close friend of mine says “it feels like little bugs in her mouth”.

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I am not gonna lie. I find them to be be pretty pricey! I usually only pick up 2 or 3 for the week. They are really good and since they are SO good for you I do look at it as “well it’s my health I’m paying for in the long run”
Do you drink Kombucha?! How long have you been drinking it? Any flavor’s you would care to share?
Till the next time Happy National lipstick day

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