My go to lips of the moment……

Hello darlings! Now I don’t know about you….but I have several lippies on my makeup stand just waiting for me to choose.

It really is a decision for me every morning….hmmm do I want a more natural look OR make a statement OR an in between

There are so many choices out there…. so I thought I would share what I have been reaching for in the last several months….

First off is my trusty lip balm!!! This is Creme De Rose by Christian Dior. Yes it is a bit pricey but HELLO it’s Dior and it is just worth it! (of course my opinion)
This is the only lip balm I have forked out that kinda money for but…….it makes my lips happy!

Sugar Frosting #005
Sometimes a girl needs a little hint of pink with some shimmer! That is when I reach for my Revlon lip butter! It feels nice on the lips and moisturizing!

Peach Fuzz #417

For the months of Spring and Summer Peach is a beautiful color! It wears long and it’s smooth on the lips!

Now I want to say this is in color HUNK….but I’m not sure so I just listed the #. Sometimes I like a bolder lip! This is bolder than the 2 above, yet not extreme. This is NYX Butter Lipstick. It is creamy and really moisturizing!

Smitten Eprise #030

This is another Revlon favorite. I think the packaging is cute! I do not have any of the Matte one’s due to that I don’t wear many matte lips. The Balms are great! They have a nice range of color. 
Swatches of the lips above…(L-R)


I received this is my Birchbox a few months ago. I will admit I was little nervous to try it. It is bolder than I would normally go for. As you can see I ended up loving IT! It feels nice on the lips and stays on when eating and drinking!!! It’s from the brand Mirenesse

ME wearing SYDNEY (Mirenesse)

I Don’t wear very many lip liners. I am trying to get with the program though. So far I have been liking this one from Starlooks that I recieved in my Ipsy Bag awhile back ago.
Tickle Me Pink

I Like to fill the out line of my lips then fill the lips. I feel it helps the lipstick I choose to stay on a bit better. It is like a base for it.

Now let’s move on the glossier side of things! I love lip gloss more than lipstick! I enjoy the shiny glossy look. I find it to be easier to manage in a rush.

I hate going through the motions in the morning to put on a lipstick when I am already running late! Who else hates this???? I prefer to slip on a nice gloss and toss it in my bag and run out the Door!!!

Plus when you need to reapply you do not need a mirror! YAY! lol the simple things in life

IF you have not tried out the NYX Butter glosses I am going to need you to stop reading and go get them!!! All the ones I have tried I LOVE! they feel nice on the lips and the colors are really nice. The 2 I am going to talk about today are more on the nude side. Nude is usually my everyday color.

The First one I want to talk about is Maple Blondie. I ran out of my trusty toaster struddle so I had to get a color that was close. Surprise I like it just the same! It is a bit of pink so a pinky nude
Maple Blondie BLG11
Creme Brulee BLG05

This 2nd one is my all time favorite of the collection! It is the perfect nude! It goes great with my skin tone and wears like my natural lip. I go through them like they are candy! 

This next gloss I discovered in one of those lip sample things you get at sephora?!?! you know what I’m talking about?! This is a good way to try the favorites of Sephora and see what you like (Just a tip) 
White Russian

As soon as I used up my sample size I immediately went out and bought this! It is from BUXOM It feels like it has a little bit of that mint lip plumber(does not hurt or sting). It gives that nice shine to the lips that in my opinion makes you look all put together without trying that hard.

Swatches R-L

I hope I am not the only lip junkie out there! Have you tried any of these? What are your favorites at the moment???? Any thing new we all need to know about?! Please comment below! 
Thanks for stopping by and as always all thoughts are my own. This is NOT sponsored. 
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