Let’s talk about hair!

Who here has never had a bad hair day? If you said no then woo hoo for you! I feel like I get them all the time so my hair ends up in a messy bun.

Since my hair is naughty I have been experimenting with some products I do enjoy and thought I’d tell you about them.

First, I do not wash my hair everyday (Yes people I shower just not my hair! lol) so I needed to find a dry shampoo that would get the job done. Man Oh Man did I try a thousand (okay ok so not that many but it felt like it) before I found the ONE!!!

Some of you may have heard about it or even used it. It is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark and Deep brown. I love that they make them to fit your hair color. Even if I held that bottle away from head on all the others I still had a white cast…YUCK…. no thank you

When I use this dry shampoo I can make it 3-4 days of no hair washing. Now since I have started this I’ve noticed my hair is not as fragile or frizzy as it once was. So there must be something to this no washing madness! lol

Second thing I have been doing is trying different hair masks. I usually do a mask 2 times a week and that has been helping. I will say I still have not found the ONE mask I just can not possibly live without.

I have however find one that might make a 2nd place….The Masque Oleo-Relax. Its a mask for dry, rebellious hair which makes this a winner for mine.

I HATE that it is on the pricey side (hints why I have been playing with others).

I guess the only way I convince myself to buy it is that it does last (me) about 2 and 1/2 months.

Third…I just picked this up…Shampoo can be hard on ones hair so I read about this “Cleansing Conditioner” I grabbed the Sweet Almond Mint in the WEN by Chaz Dean.

This shit smells amazing! I really like it….but with my thick long hair I did go through it way to fast. (bigger bottle next time he he)

It makes your hair feel so clean! You can tell it really removes all the crap your hair has gotten it’s self into over the course of washes. I really enjoy the times I use this instead of shampoo. Just a true clean feeling.

What I use….Sold at Ulta
Sold online at Kerastase.com
Got mine at local Sephora


What tricks do you have up your sleeve???

DO you ever use the messy bun as a hideaway??

Hope this was some useful info…

Tell next time snowflakes…..

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