Get Ready for FALL!

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I’m sorry I couldn’t get this post up yesterday as planned! Damn internet does what it wants sometimes.

I plan to post Mon-Fri like before the move so I hope you stick around! While I was in the middle of transferring from blogger I did upload a new video!

If you would like to have a laugh watch Jake and I do the Bean Boozled Challenge here!

We also started a vlog Channel here if you would like to see what we do!

Now moving on with FALL!

It is September which means FALL is on the way!

Don’t get me wrong I am sad to see summer go but I love so many things about fall!

I am a huge hat and scarf fan! I love the styles and many ways you can wear them! They can add so much to an outfit.

Fall also means BOOT weather! I love tall boots and booties! You can find some really cute ones for real cheap!

I love these booties from forever21 and they are only $30! You can almost always find a good deal @ forever21.

Now I am a huge B&BW candle junkie! I love the scents they come out with for every season. For fall I recommend thisthis and this! These 3 are just some of the top ones out now! I have them all over the apartment!

I am a huge hot tea fan! But it is to hot during the summer to enjoy it but in fall it is the perfect weather! Are there any new fall flavors I should know about?!

What do you love about fall? How do you get ready for fall? Please comment below so we can all check it out!



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