One of those weeks….

My Girls!!


Sorry I missed Monday and Tuesday’s post! This past weekend was a long one! Just a real emotional drainer!

I said goodbye to the military life this weekend, Not that I won’t see my friends anymore…it is just not going to be the same in some ways.

I was not expecting it to pull a few emotional punches to the gut! So I slept pretty much the whole day Monday then Tuesday was my birthday. I know it is supposed to be a happy day but it was complete crap!

So I ate ice cream and watched movies (pathetic I know but it’s my party and I can if I want to)

Today I woke up on a positive note and slowly am getting out of my funk.

I did finally purchase this!!!! I am so excited for it to get here! I have been waiting Champagne pop ever since I heard Jaclyn Hill talk about it on her channel!! She is amazing and I love her videos You should really check her out if you don’t watch her!!

I will do a review on it after I have wore it for a while (if it will hurry and get here) and let you know my thoughts. If you have already given it a go what are your thoughts???

There will be quite a few product reviews coming in the next couple of weeks. I have gotten several new things to try! I am  really excited to try them all out!!

My hot tea concoction has come handy the last 2 day’s. Jake and I both woke up Monday feeling like we had went out partying the night before. I guess coming from Kansas back to Oklahoma does something to the allergies.

It is the weirdest thing but every time we come home we get all stuffed up. I think it is time we invested in humidifier. There is one at whole foods I have heard good things about. I just need to go get it along with some of the oils. I will go more in to detail after I have check it out.

For now hot tea with cinnamon and Jack is doing the trick. Do you have any advice???

That pretty much summons up my week so far! Sorry nothing exciting to share but tomorrow will be back to usual.

Till the next time



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July Favorites


Some Awesome goodies


Hello Darlings!!! It is that time again which means another month is gone! The years are just flying by! I must so I am ready for August to get here because it is my birthday month!! Not at all scared of 29!

Starting with the make-up this month! I have been loving the Maybelline Fit me matte + poreless! I am in the shade 120. It is normal to oily and I am combination but dry and oily. It works great for me. It is really hot out but this just makes my skin look so put together. I normally would not use a foundation in summer but my skin has been acting up so I need more coverage and this lasts all day!

Since I am dry I have not seen any problems of it showing but I do make sure to moisturizer. As for the oily a few hours into the day I will see some shiny areas but not to where I look like a grease ball. IF you have not given this a try yet I would!

I have been loving this duo! It gives my face that tan/bronzed yet natural glow!!

First is the blush which is by Jouer in the color Petal. This is part of their tint collection which as 11 shades all together. It can be used as a blush or lip stain. I prefer just blush which is weird since I don’t care for cream blushes. I find this to blend really good (plus no breakouts!) to a beautiful natural color for my skin tone.

When you add the Too Faced chocolate Soleil in med/deep matte bronzer (man is that a long name lol) with the blush it gives that tan/sun kissed look. I will say at first I thought the color was to dark but I just kept playing with it and blending like a mad women! I do not contour with this I just bronze my face.

(They are sample’s I received in my ipsy bag’s! If you don’t already you should really check out ipsy-


It really is creamy!

I imagine I will buy the full size of this 2 products when I run out! I see them being summer staples!


NOT as muddy as in photo!

Summer scents are a beautiful thing! I bought this one last year. Jake and I where just wondering around the mall and decided to check out RUE 21 (They are like Forever 21) We started smelling all the fragrances because they are super cheap! To our surprise they smell really good (Not all where our cup of tea but still smell nice) I fell in love with the TWENTYONE BLACK scent! IT smells like the beach! When I wear this I feel I should be sitting on the beach on a little island drinking out of a coconut!

I suck at describing scents but one note that really sticks out is the coconut! I love it!!

Like I said in my Marvelous Moxie post a few day’s back I love this new color I picked up! It is Miss Popular and ever since I bought it it has been my go to! Since I talked about it in it’s own post I will let you go check that out for more info!

The mascara I have been loving for this month is also by Maybelline and it is the Falsies volume express in Blackest Black. I will say I still have to curl my lashes to get the curl I want but that doesn’t really bother me. It is not a step that takes up to much time. I like the wand since is curves because I can really get to the bottoms of my lashes. The best part is that is is affordable!

Love the wand!

Now that sums up all my beauty favorites BUT I still have some non-beauties to go!

I love Bath & Body works candles! I try to hit every sale to stock up on my favorite ones! This month I grabbed one out of my stash and HOLY BALLS it smells amazing!!!! IT is the Lanikai Coconut from the 2014 collection. I am bummed I did not grab more and I have already burned half of it!!! This candle to me does not have to burn for very long to fill your house (in my case APT) with the sweet scent of summer!

Lastly I have a food favorite! I bought these from Vitacost (see post here for more info on vitacost) and man they are soooooo good!!! I seen these and just had to try them! They are from Mary’s Gone Crackers in Jalapeno flavor! They have a nice kick to them that is for sure! SO if you like spicy and are trying to snack better I recommend these! They are organic, gluten free, non-gmo, and vegan!

What have you been loving this month?! Please comment below some of your favorites so I can see if there is anything I am missing out on!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Till the next time



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My Top 10 YouTubers I’m Loving!!

Hello Darlings! How was your hump day?! Cheer up the week is half way over!! It is already almost 8pm here and I’m exhausted! (pathetic I know)

Today I had a bit a free time waiting for Jake to get home before I started Dinner. So I was catching up on some of my Youtube videos I subscribe too. As I was doing this I thought I need to share these wonderful people to my viewers so you can see how great they are yourself!

I have a load of people I am subscribed too (well only like 25) But I decided to just talk about my Top 10 who I just can’t wait for them to upload.

Melanie Murphy is from Ireland! NOT only does she have an awesome accent, but she a sweet, funny, and honest person. She does videos on beauty, health, and lifestyle. If you have not seen her videos yet I recommend you check her out!

Claire Marshall is one bad ass chick! Her make-up is always on point and she makes high quality vidoes!! You can tell she puts a lot of time and thought into her videos! Plus she has a beautiful black cat named Bruce!!!

tati is so down to earth! I feel she gives the best advice on products. She does first impressions which I like. I want to see the product in action and her reaction. IF you love beauty videos her channel is a must.

Style by Dani is a sweetheart with great style! I also enjoy here (what I eat in a day) videos. She does videos on health, fashion, hauls, and beauty!

With Kendra You have heard me mention her before in this post. Fun loving and has a lot of good recommendations on choosing healthy! she is recently decorating her house and she has great ideas!!

Fleur DeForce was one of the first people I ever subscribed too! Watching her videos made me realize how much fun you can have with makeup!

Ingrid Nelson has one of the most out going personalities ever!!! She makes me laugh and has a few good recipes up her sleeve!!!

Kandee Johnson was another first for me! She has a lot of good makeup tips and she can do amazing things with makeup!!!! I love her personality!!!

Weylie OMG I feel hard for this one!!! what is not to love?!?! GREAT personality and she is not afraid to be herself!!! Also need to check her Vlog channel with BF Because Jake and I love them!

Leighannsays is a Texas girl! She makes me laugh and feel like it is okay to be weird! She has great taste and great hair!!!!

IF you have not subscribed to these ladies go look at their channels!!!

let me know your thoughts and who you are loving!!! Please comment below!!!

If you are new please subscribe so you don’t miss a post!!

Till the next time



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