Sephora Play Feb “17


Hello Darlings!

How is your week going so far? How is the weather where you are? Anyone else ready for spring?! I Know I am sick of this cold one day and hot the next crap!

feb sephora.jpg

I feel everything took way to long to get here this month. Anyone else that does monthly subscriptions feel this way too? I still have not gotten my scentbird and the month is almost over.

Anyway, in this month’s Sephora bag there was a few things to be excited about! Let’s be honest the Sephora Play is always good! It never fails me and I look forward to it the most every month. If you are up in the air about a beauty monthly subscription THIS is it! I promise you will not be disappointed if you love Sephora.


I do not own a lot from Nars because honestly I can not afford it. I do have a few other lip products I have gotten either in a Sephora Holiday kit or in a sample. I have no complaints so when I say this I was happy! It is a color that I would have chosen for myself and the reviews from youtubers and bloggers I personally follow love them.

This is the Nars velvet lip glide and full size is $26. This is a good sample to see if you would like to spend that on a lip product. This is for those that what a half ass matte so to speak. It will not dry out your lips but will dry down some so it is not a gloss gloss….ya know??


I was really glad to see this since the mascara I got in my ipsy this month was really not my favorite. You can check that out here and here if you got something else in your bag or are just curious.

SO this is a Sephora Brand mascara Lashcraft for length & volume it retails for $12. I think the sample is really small, cute and I will be able to tell if I like it or not. It has a lot of claims such as it dissolves in just warm water no remover needed yet it is smudge proof…so I will give it a whirl and see.


Okay so I hate that burning feeling some of these give. If my lips are burning it better be because I just enjoyed the best hot salsa of my life! I do love my soap & glory mother pucker in rose & shine. In a pinch the Buxom lip creams give your lips a nice plump look. (my favorite is White Russian).

This is not their extreme version so I that’s a plus. This is the Glossy one which means is comes in colors lol & retails for $22. It does not smell as nice as the other two I mentioned but I will still give it a go.


Okay so I have loved some Clinique products that I have tried so when I say this I thought why not?  This is the HydroBlur moisturizer & retails for $29. BUT I love my Moisturizer from origins so I don’t think I will be changing anytime soon. I would have preferred the pep-start eye cream to try instead. Which leads me into the next product.


I use this eye cream already and have for years. I love it! This is the GinZing eye cream & retails for $30. I use it every morning without fail! It is good stuff.

Okay so every month they send a perfume sample and this month it was Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence. It smells delicious or as the paper says….”Sensual, Luxurious, radiant” If you get a chance give it a sniff!

Till the next time,



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February Ipsy Bag “17

Hello Darlings!

It is finally Friday! I really thought yesterday was Friday till about 8pm las night. It was a real wake up call to realize it was not.

This months Ipsy bag was not that glamours but I am excited about a few things. Do any of you get Ipsy? What did you get in your bag?

If you are thinking about joining but not sure, don’t base it on these products alone check out this post to see the different kinds of products you can get. Also check out the comments to see what other people got in theirs.

Ipsy has you take a personal quiz to help send products to fit your needs, or wants. If you decide to join here is a link for you to easily sign up.

Now let’s get on with the bag……


I have received products from this line before and I have liked them. In fact I have a body scrub sample size that I have been using as a lip scrub in the shower. It works wonders! This product is a Gentle cleanser with sugar, mint, oats & rice. It has no fragrance, paraben free, and vegetarian proteins. From reading the directions this is a face cleanser. It seems it would be a nice soft exfoliate.

I love getting brushes in my subscriptions. Ipsy does partner with some good brands like this one “LUXIE”. I have received a few brushes from this line and they work really nice. This is a Blush brush #514 it feels soft and doesn’t seem to shed.


I was just about to open a new mascara when this one came in so I figured instead I would open this one and see how well it works. It is from Bellapierre cosmetics & is their volume lash waterproof mascara. 1. I am happy it is waterproof 2. It is full size 3. The brush is small enough for my bottom lashes & 4. It saved me from opening a good mascara

I will need to wear this all weekend to really see how I like it so the verdict is still out.


This is a 74% water based skin illuminator from Seraphine Botanicals. For all my vegan readers this is a friendly product for you as for my gluten free readers. I will give this a go this weekend as well but I usually tend to use these kind of products more during the summer.



I am a huge fan of NYX products especially their lip butters. This is a Butter lipstick in the color LIFEGUARD which is red with burgundy tones. I have not purchased any of these myself in face the ones (2) I have besides this one have been in an Ipsy bag. I just don’t reach for these as much as other products. The are creamy but the color is not great.

That concludes this months Ipsy bag for me but I still would love to see and hear what you got in yours!





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Maybelline Influenster



Hello Darlings!

Did everyone have a great Halloween? We didn’t really do anything this year.

I am ready for the holidays coming up next! It will be nice to enjoy a tiny vacation.

A few weeks ago I received a package for received to try out this 2 SuperStay 24 color lip wear.

The 2 color I got where constant toast ( light pink) and Keep up the flame (red). I am not much for reds so I gave it to a friend.

I tried on the pink one a few times hoping for better results each time. I sadly was not a fan of these.

From far away they look great but up close it was dry, flakey, and felt awful on lips. I wasn’t even able to get the gloss (moisturizer) side on before it turned patchy.

I was able to see every line in my lips which I was not a fan of.

I think there are better long-wear liquid lips out there. I love colorpop and KatVonD liquid lips.

I did see some people liked this so of course this is just my opinion.

Happy Monday!




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Weekend Recap: A few new products

Hello Darlings!

How are you are this perfect weather (in OKC) Monday?!

This weekend was my first of my new schedule. I now have Sunday and Monday’s off so that is my weekend! Which I don’t mind at all.

Processed with Snapseed.
@ Sephora

So I have been having the worst chapped lips of my life! I don’t understand what the deal is. I use my Bite Agave lip mask every night and my Glossier balm all day and still no luck.

I need to make a lip scrub but I saw these lip masks the other day in Sephora and thought it might be fun to try out.

So when you open it up it is folded in half and you just open it up to look like picture below:

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

It has one side with the serum on it that you apply to your lips. It is just like a normal sheet mask but you leave it on for 15 mins then remove and tap in the remaining serum on lips.

Processed with Snapseed.
A lot bigger than my lips hahaha

It does not taste weird or burn. I used the Shea one for protecting and repairing. They only have 2 different masks at the moment and I got both but just put this one to the test. I will say I did not notice anything life changing. I don’t think I will repurchase these and just try to get better at lip scrubbing.

I have been trying out some different natural deodertants lately and I am having a hard time finding a real good one at a good price. I gave this this one a go and I deodorants started to have a problem.


I had to pop it in the microwave for a few immediately to get to move up the tube. I felt it really didn’t do it’s job. It smells nice but does not stay on long plus it made my armpits raw and red. I will not give up but for now I will stick with dove.

Do you have any seconds??? I would love to hear them please comment below!


I also wanted to mention I got one of the best facials today! It was at a spa called Reborn Wellness Spa in Yukon Ok. My friend Jennifer owns it and she is amazing! You should check her out! Her facebook page is @RebornWellnessSpa.




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My New go to Brow Product!

Hello Darlings!

I have been trying out a new brow product and thought I would share why I’m loving it.


Benefit has come out with a lot of new brow products lately and this is the one I got to try.

It is super easy to use and I love how quick it fills in my brows for when I’m in a hurry. I also use this for light makeup days.


The brush is so small that it is easy to work with which is a huge plus. Color match is good and it dries fast.

Now this is just a sample size I have here but once it runs out I will picking up the full size for sure! I do want to try out some of the others but this is a must have even if you just use it on quick makeup days.

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

I took this pic yesterday at work to show that when I’m having a bad hair day I like to wear a bold lip! hahaha

I used my handy quick brow product to fill my brows since I was running a bit late. I think it did a good job! What are your thoughts?

Have you tried any of the benefit brow products? What is your favorite??? Please comment below we would all like to know!




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