Yummy Lentil Soup!

Hello Darlings!

Half of the week is already gone! It is down hill from here!

Last night I made a new soup for Jake and I. I have had a lentil soup before in culinary school but this was Jake’s first.

I got the recipe off of Pinterest and this is the link to the recipe. I did not follow the recipe.

I added more carrots and celery but honestly Jake and I agreed it could of had more. The only spice I used was cumin. I did not add salt since I used organic vegetable broth. I did get the low sodium but it still has way to much salt.

I added black pepper, cayenne pepper, and red pepper flakes to my individual serving. Jake just added black pepper.

I ate main with nothing added but Jake ate his with ritz crackers. I feel the next time I make this not only will I add more veggies to the pot but make some cheese bread as well.

I bought my lentils at Whole Foods. I believe they were the green ones.

I will be trying a few other new things this month since we are still going strong on the no fast food challenge.



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