Wipes or Oil?!

Hello friends! How was your weekend?! Did you go anywhere special or just have a lazy needed weekend?! I had the lazy weekend. Just a few errands on Saturday then just time spent with Jake and furry babies!

With all the different face wipes and oils out there I was curious to see what was more used.

I actually use both! Crazy right?! I just feel a wipe is a great way to start getting make-up off then you go in with a good cleansing oil.

I have tried many different facial wipes. I like the simple, Burt’s Bee’s and Yes to blueberry wipes. Funny thing is I usually just grab the target brand ones instead. I feel you get more wipes for your buck. So my favorites are bought when a sale is happening or I feel like splurging.

Like I said before, I take my contacts out then grab a handy dandy wipe and try to get as much make-up off as possible. Then I go in with the cleansing oil to make sure I get the rest of the crap of my face. I find oil works better to get my eye make-up off.

I have not tried as many cleansing oil’s as wipes, but I;m sure I will get there. (hey, I like to try new things) I really like this oil the best so far. And yes instead of spending money on oil’s I have tried using just coconut oil. Yes, it does work! But I did not care for the greasy feel my skin got. With this cleansing oil I don’t feel greasy after words. Just CLEAN from the make-up and dirt of the day.

I”m sure it will seem crazy but even after all that I still use a facial cleanser which I talked about here.

The wipes and oil do a good job cleaning the surface, but I still need a cleanser to clean out my pores really good.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it really is so simple. I think my skin looks better then it has in my younger years.

I’m still always learning more and more on what my skin likes, and how to take care of it. So far it seems I’m getting it right.

What is your routine?! Do you use Wipes or Oil?! Please comment below to let us all know! Any tips you might have as well!

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