Weekly Little Delights


My Birthday Flowers from Jake!


How was your week?! I’m glad it’s over and ready to enjoy the weekend! I start classes on Monday so that is scary yet exciting!

I thought I would share a few things that made my week! I feel it’s a nice way to end such a slow and kinda blah week..what do you think?

In the pic above you can see the beautiful flowers Jake had delivered to me for my birthday! Funny thing is he had them addressed to him so when they got to me the delivery guy was like “umm Jake?” and I played it off like yep that’s me….he felt like a dumbass when I told him but it was pretty funny.

This morning my sephora package came in and I finally have my champagne pop! I will be putting it to the test tomorrow!! I will load some pics on instagram


I had another one of these bad boys yesterday! I’m telling you the Black tea mango lemonade is fantastic! I am also really enjoying the order and pickup that Starbucks is doing now!! Anybody else loving this???

What where some of your favorite things from this week? Did you buy anything new?

I did  make a trip to my local ulta and got a lipstick I have been wanting for a bit now. I will let you know what I think it a few weeks!

Enjoy your weekend! It sucks knowing summer is almost over yet I am ready for fall! Cooler weather, scarfs, hats, and boots!!!

Till the next time!



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