Weekend Recap

Hello Darlings!

How was everyones weekend? I suppose some of you might still be enjoying a long weekend with Today being President’s day.

The weekend came and went by real quick for me. I swear last week was really long and then finally Friday came and before I knew it Monday was here.

Saturday started off running errands like normal so we could enjoy Sunday more. I did try out that mascara I got in my Ipsy bag I talked about here and I am not impressed. I know it was only a two day test but it’s not something I will reach for when I want to look my best.

It does give the lashes a nice coating and it does take an extra minute to take it off at night since it is a waterproof. Who knows though sometimes I end up not caring for something to later go back to it and love it. I will give it a few days (maybe a week) to dry out a little and then give it another go.

Saturday night we did go out for sushi at one of our favorite places called Tsubaki Sushi & Hibachi. They don’t have a website so I linked their FB page and it may not look like much but the best places are usually in the least likely spots. If you are in the Oklahoma City area and enjoy sushi I recommend giving it a go!

Sunday we had a few items to pick up from the store for the week and that was it. The rest was just a lazy Sunday.

What did you do this weekend? Did you have a long weekend? If you are in the OKC area what places would you recommend for any kind of anything?




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