Weekend Recap!

QuayXDesi shades in T.Y.S.M


Hello Darlings!

How was last week? Did you have a good weekend? Sorry no posts were put up last week it seemed like the week went by so fast and I was running full speed to keep up.

Friday late night I finally got to slow down. When I say late it was 11pm when Jake and I finally got free to eat dinner. We went to a restaurant since it was so late but they were having a deal on drinks so it was worth it!

From My snapstory! Becca_beeley


I did turn 30 last Thursday but it was just another busy day. It was a nice surprise to have some yummy chocolate strawberries delivered! Thanks Jake!! They went great with some champagne we had later that night.

Those fucking awesome shades I am wearing in picture above is another gift I got! I think they are a great addition to anyones wardrobe! If you are interested you can find them here. I have ordered a few other pairs from QUAY and I will show them once they arrive! I love their shades.

FullSizeRender 13
Spoiled much?! 


I know the Lorac Pro palette is not new but it is new to me! I have been wanting this for years but never could get myself to buy it. I would always buy something new instead so when I got this I was so excited!

I have already used this a few times and I love it just like I knew I would! I will try and remember to show you a few looks with it!

The weather here in OKC is still hot as fuck! I am so ready for fall weather! Bring on the jackets, skinny jeans, boots, and sweaters!

Who else is ready for fall?! Did you do anything exciting this weekend? please share!


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