Weekend Recap!

Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? How was your Monday? I hope the weekend was long and the Monday was short!

This weekend was nothing special. Jake and I went to a few estate sales a found a few things for a good deal on Saturday morning. Than ran a errands and came home. I’m telling you our lives are that exciting HA! I wouldn’t chance it.

Sunday was a lounge day. We slept in, caught up on some shows (anybody watching stranger things on Netflix? we love it) made dinner and that was that.

We are hoping to make it out to the zoo one of these weekends soon but it has been so humid here. YUCK!

A few things coming to the blog this week will be a new mask I have been using, a few things I use to relax, and Sephora play unboxing.

I hope your weekend was full of great moments!

Till next time you can always find me on social media to chat!








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