Weekend Recap 3/27/17

recap 327

How was your weekend? Anything exciting or just a rest weekend?

Jake and I finally went and seen “Beauty and the Beast” on Saturday. We loved it of course even with the few changes. We really liked how they added a few things. (don’t want to spoil anything for anyone)

The rest of the day was filled with boring errands but we did swing into the Penn Square mail for some yummy chocolates. We like to swing in every now and again “See’s Candies and pick out a few chocolates for the week.

recap 327-2

Sunday was finish errand day plus catching up on a few shows. I will admit we are several episodes behind a lot of favorite shows but we have become binge watchers and this weekly crap is for the birds LOL.

We just make sure nothing is going to expire and try and wait till the season finale. For example we love BONES and it is on it’s last season. We have 3 eps to watch but we are waiting for tomorrow’s finale to air before we will do a binge. Anyone else like this with some shows?

Anyway, this week you can expect a post on a device to help with acne (prolly up on Wednesday) and beauty review on Friday. Make sure you are Subscribed to every post gets sent to your email!



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