Vitacost Haul!

Hello darlings!

I have done one other post on what I buy at vitacost you can check it here!

I love shopping with vitacost because they give you so many options that are tasty and healthy.

You can break down your search by clicking Gluten free, NON GMO, etc.

Jake and I have loved everything we have tried on vitacost.

This week I had made two orders so I thought I would share with you some of the things I ordered and loved.

These chips are great for dipping! They are gluten free (Jake and I do not have any bad reactions from gluten except some irritated stomachs) and have no GMO’s. I eat them with guacamole and salsa.

I did order some cookies but we have not opened them yet but I got these and these.

I have been craving something sweet after dinner but trying not to eat a lot of crap. Last Saturday We bought a homemade Bumble-berry pie and OMG it is so fucking good! The crust is perfect.

We have been sharing a slice so we each only get about half but thought I might try something else.

I love cheese it’s so these are what I order. I swear they taste just like cheese it’s. Even jake likes them. I try to make sure I keep a box on head.

I did buy a different kind this order along with the fake cheese it’s LOL and I think they go perfect with Hummus. I felt like on there own they tasted like wheat thins.

I love wheat thins and these are flavored so it adds something. Here are the fire roasted veggie crackers.

I did buy a few other new brands to us chips but we have not gotten around to testing them yet but if we like them I will mention them at a later date.

Honest tea is one of Jake and I’s favorite and you can order them on here as well.

I have a few things in my cart for the next order and two of them are beauty products. I have heard a lot of great things about these two so I wanted to try them out myself.

If they are as great as others say I will do a separate post on them.

Have you shopped at vitacost before? What are your thoughts? Please comment below



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