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Hello Darlings!

Today I just wanted to update some of my vitamins I have discussed before along with a few other things.


I am a huge tea drink now I love coffee as well but tea is for my evenings. I really enjoy drinking a cup after dinner. Yogi is a brand I like because of the variety you can see they offer. During the flu/allergy season it is a must. I always pick up the stress (with lavender honey taste better), cold season sampler (it has the mix for all your needs) and detox.

I add a little honey to them all and it is great! At this very moment I am doing the detox tea 3 times a day with a tablespoon of honey. I will do just one box and give my body a rest. My digestion never seems to run right no matter how well I eat, or supplements I take so doing this once in a while seems to help.

I have recently gotten off the depo provera birth control shot after being on it for 12 years. I know that is a long time and has taken a huge toll on my body. I am starting to get breakouts in the normal hormonal areas and thought about trying skin detox from yogi next to see if I noticed any difference.

I have mentioned before that I take a probiotic twice a day. This is my normal brand I take and have had really good results. I have thought about trying some from my local health food store but they where $50+ and decided it was not worth it.

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I am religious about taking a magnesium supplement twice a day. Magnesium has a lot of great benefits and I know you can get if from food such as leafy greens but I am positive I do not get enough from food alone. Magnesium can be great for those that don’t sleep well, migraines, and anxiety. I do not remember where I bought the ones in pic but I have just been getting mine from my local vitamin store. I also use this and I love it! If I am stressing over something at night I will make me a cup of this and it really does calm me down and I sleep very well.

I have been trying out some Vitamin D supplements as well and as soon as I find a favorite I will let you know!

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