To Diet or To not Diet

Very much so!!!! LOL


Let’s check in on how well the dieting has been going. Remember my post of sugar?! If not check it here.

Now in that post I talked about a no (refined) sugar diet or challenge I like to call it.  Now I had no plans on going for 30 day’s! I would never make it!!!

However, I mentioned how I gave things up and how I wanted to keep improving. It is like making a transition. During these few weeks I have had my ups and downs. I never said it would be easy.

As much as I would love to blame the late nights I have been having it is my own fault. I had 3 double zero redbulls in the last 2 weeks!!!! (shame on me) I had been doing so great with out these. I will say at least they were not the big cans. Jake and I both had just the 8 oz can (like that makes it better)

I did stick to my no sugar in coffee!!! Even at Starbucks no sugar and I started to add cinnamon! (helps get that metabolism going) It is not just my coffee from Starbucks I make sure what ever I order is unsweetened.

I stayed away from chocolate!! I snacked on crackers, gum, and fruit. I did chew regular gum since the sugar free is really bad for you! (some chemical it has)

No Soda!! Jake even brought one home last night for us to share and I stayed away!!! (BAD JAKE)

I have been adding my daily food to my fitness pal app. I’m not really counting the calories. I just noticed I will say NO to things more knowing I have to put it in there. (does that make sense, like it makes me feel I make better choices)

I plan to slowly keep getting better, by changing the small things. Baby steps!!

Now about that juice cleanse Jake and I were doing! (HA)

If you have no idea what I am talking about read this (go ahead I will wait…..)


Okay now that you have caught up this is what happened.

Jake and I bought everything we needed for a week that Saturday. We woke up Sunday and began out journey. It wasn’t that they tasted horrible or didn’t make us full.

In fact we did really good Sunday. Juice for breakfast and lunch, then a green smoothie for dinner. Raw veggies and fruit for snacks through out the day.

We started Monday off right…..then it got so damn hot out!! I was feeling a little faint! I immediately asked Jake how he was doing and he was grumpy and had no energy. We quickly caved to getting something to eat. Now we both did get salad’s which is a better choice then a BIG MAC! So there is that.

We did keep making smart decisions the last couple of weeks. Green smoothies for breakfast then a light lunch plus a well balanced dinner. We have been trying a lot more of the gluten free, NON GMO, products from Vitacost (see post here) They have all been surprisingly good!

We also have not had a drink for 2 weeks! Now Jake and I don’t drink every night but usually 2 nights a week we like to sit outside on the balcony and have a couple beers! (literally couple 2-3)
Then on Saturday we might have something other then beer! Since we are getting into wine’s we had been having a glass of it.

Now that was pretty easy for us to go without but there are those day’s when a cold beer is needed!

That pretty much covers the update on how horrible we did on the diet! I think it is better to just keep watching what we eat, make small changes here, and enjoy life!!!

Have you been making any changes for your health?! Comment below!!!


My hair before!

There will NOT be a post tomorrow! I will be back on Monday! If you would like to keep up with me over the weekend add me on snapchat and Instagram! (JustRobecca)


My Hair NOW!

It doesn’t look like much of a difference but I got about 2 inch’s or so cut off! It feels so much lighter (girls with long, thick hair understand) plus with this heat (been in hundreds with humidity) it’s a bit cooler.

Until Monday! Enjoy the weekend!!!!!!!!!!



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