Tired of expensive razor blades?!

Hello Darlings! Can you believe it is already hump day?! The weeks are going by faster and faster it seems! Summer will be over before we know it (insert sad face)

This summer has been a hot one although the last few days we have had nothing but rain the humidity is still a bitch.

I’m not going to lie I HATE shaving! It is so time consuming with everything you must do to keep the skin smooth and beautiful.

At least now I save a TON of money on razor blades! I was one of those that used Venus razor’s and anybody who uses those knows a box of refill’s is ridiculous. I would but them because they were good and got the job done.

Jake must keep a clean face for his job (a little scrub is okay) and he was buying Gillette razor’s and I thought Venus razor’s were bad!

So one day he saw an ad for The dollar shave club on FB. He decided to check it out. He opted for the $6 razor box. It came with a nice razor a box of 5 blades and some shaving cream.

The cream was the only thing he didn’t care for. So then he choose the every other month option. This means he paid $6 every other month for blades and ALL shipping is free!

I then decided I better check it out for myself. SO what if I use a men’s razor!

I choose the $9 box just because I like to have more blades on mine. It came with a different razor then what he had and of course my kind of blades I choose.

That night I put it to the test. I just use EOS shaving cream and the razor was great!! I have been using it now for 3 months and still just pay $9 every other month for new blades (if that seems like a lot you can opt for 6 months)

Funny story: Jake liked mine better so he did an upgrade (which is free) and got the same as me! Ha

Just in case you had seen the ad was wondering if it was worth it or not I do believe it is.

Would you give this a try?! Please tell me I am not the only one who hates to shave?!

(this is NOT sponsored) All my own thoughts.

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