The Little Things In Life…..

 Hello Darlings! Happy Friday Eve!!! Are you ready for weekend?! I know I am. I don’t really have any plans, but it will be nice to do nothing!

Even though I am a blogger I love to read other peoples blogs. Some I am subscribed to and others I will check on every month or so. I have noticed the ones I read everyday I read them everyday because I actually enjoy every post.

They make it a bit personal and I find I have things in common with them. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy learning about their favorite beauty products, or new things they have discovered. I feel though if that was all they wrote about I would get bored.

Today I am going to tell you about some of my favorite things I enjoy and maybe you will see we have something in common as well! I don’t want this to be just something you read, but something you enjoy reading and want to interact with others.

This is usually how I honestly start every morning! I actually enjoy mornings it is just the waking up part I hate. On days I need an alarm clock to wake me up I am cheery (after coffee of course) and ready to start me day. When the alarm clock is needed the picture above is my morning thought.

Anybody agree?! Maybe I’m just weird.

I love my morning coffee! It makes everything better. I enjoy Starbucks and Folgers. I usually have 2-3 cups in the morning and sometimes a pick me up in the afternoon. How many cups do you have?! Do you get a cup in the afternoon?!

 I like to to be quite in the morning when I’m drinking my coffee. Jake has learned this the hard way (used to get the “go to hell look”) As I’m sitting on the couch curled up with my cup of Joe I will either check my social media accounts, email, or daydream.

I find myself daydreaming a lot. Jake and I are not happy with the apartment we are in. We have been here since November 2013. When the lease ended this last time we had been looking for a better place, and the one we found was not available by the time our lease ended. So we decided to stay for 6 months, but we realized the rent went up so our thought was stay another year or in 6 months if we still don’t find anything rent will go up again.

My kitchen here so small it is ridiculous. I just graduated from culinary school and can’t do shit in my kitchen!! So the pic above is what I dream my kitchen to look like one day!! We have been looking at another place that has a bigger kitchen it is not my dream kitchen, however it will keep me happy till we move out of Oklahoma.

Still on my day dreaming, I want a nice patio like this. Plenty of room for a few guest, could have a nice BBQ and then relax around the fire well into the night.

I like this quote because I believe it is true, In 2013 Jake and I moved from Kansas to Oklahoma so I could go to Culinary school. We had both been in law enforcement for years. One day I just realized it was not making either one of us happy. It was quite depressing to be honest.

I was terrified to up and change my career! I had days where I thought I had went mental! All I knew how to do or should I say what I knew I was good at was law enforcement and the Military. That is what I did since High school. 12 years in the army national guard, 2 deployments, and I go and change to Culinary. WTF?! Some of my friends thought I was nuts, others cheered me on.

Next time you are scared to try something DO IT! It might just be the next big thing for you.

I love the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton

If you like sex, vampires, and other nightly creatures this might be something your into. I am currently on the book MICAH I feel I have slowed way down. I was reading these books like mad till we moved here then homework got in the way.I am trying to get back into my nightly routine of reading a few chapters before bed.

Do you read her books?! What book are you on if so?!

OMG! He is Yummy! I love the show Supernatural! I love both Sammy and Dean but the one liners dean gets are Funny!!!  Do you watch this show?! IF not it is on Netflix and you will not regret it!!! IT is scary, dramatic, funny, emotional, and all the other things that make a great show.

I love old black and white movies! I love Audrey Hepburn! I always so I’m an Audrey not a Marilyn LOL

Then of course the best ’80’s movies the cult classics are fabulous! Which one is your favorite?!  I think if I had to choose it would The Breakfast Club!

I hope you found something is this post a bit inspiring! Maybe you see we have something in common! Blogging doesn’t always have to be beauty, food, and other favorites it can be getting to know each other .

Most weekends!

My Favorite Disney Movie

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Cocktail anyone?! I love to try new cocktails! I also enjoy having a cold beer on the porch watching the sun go down!

I Hope many of you enjoyed this! Please comment below something that is your favorite! Do we have anything in common?! Do you recommend anything?! Please share!

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Till the next time!



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