Teeth Whitening w/ Activated Charcoal

Who is not looking for way’s to whiten their teeth?!?!?! Who is not wanting to spend hundreds of $$$?!?!?! ME ME ME ME LOL

I have been hearing about this trend for about a good month now, so I thought I would check it out. I went to my local vitamin shoppe and picked my up.

They are in the easy to pull apart capsule form…..so I just went to target and picked up the cheapest little toothbrush I could find (Did not want to ruin my electric one).

Now….there are several ways to do this… The two I have heard about the most are….1. Just open up capsule sprinkle charcoal on brush and begin to brush teeth. 2. In a small dish empty capsule and slowly add water till it becomes a paste form then apply paste to teeth and let it sit for 60 sec.

I prefer the first method. I just sprinkle it on my cheap toothbrush( I am able to get 3 uses out of one capsule) and brush like normal then I make a really wide creepy clown smile face and hold it for 60 sec. As I’m waiting I will go ahead and clean my brush….wipe any powder that might have gotten on my sink or counter….then I just rinse my mouth out.

I do follow with my Natural Tom’s toothpaste and then floss and use mouthwash like normal.

 ( I also start this whole routine with oil pulling….post coming soon)

I have been doing this for about 2 weeks now and have been really enjoying it. It does not make my teeth sensitive like other whitening products.

I have been doing this every morning but plan to start going to 3x a week. I felt like maybe everyday was a really long process and I  don’t have time everyday.

After I first tried this out I made my boyfriend Jacob try it….he thought I was crazy at first but i explained how to do it and then he finally gave in……He really liked how you noticed right away that it was working plus he felt like it made his mouth/teeth feel so clean.

He has been doing this with me but only 3x a week (instead of my craziness….whats wrong with wanting really white teeth lol)

I know you can buy this in toothpaste form on amazon check it here but it was easy for me to just run to store and pick up the pills. It might be easier or at least convenient to use so maybe one day I will give it try but for now i’m liking my method.

If you don’t have a local store amazon sells the pills as well check it here. They are not the ones I have but i’m sure they will get the job done.

Do you use activated charcoal?? Do you like it?? What kind of tips or tricks do you have to share??

Till next time XOXO

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