Starting a Youtube Channel……

Hello Darlings!

Today I want to talk about starting a Youtube channel.

I started my beauty channel about a year ago and I will admit I was doing good about being on top of it then I got discouraged because I felt like it was hard for me to blog and youtube.

I am going to try and start up again and this time stick with it. I only have 10 subscribers But to me that is awesome! If I ever make it to 100 I will be the happiest person ever!

Recently Jake and I started a vlog channel because our family’s are always wanting to know what we are you to. We don’t mind sharing our life with the world but we are pretty boring people. We have just been vlogging on the weekends because that is when we are both off and have the time to do things.

It has made our family’s very happy to be able to watch us. We are having fun with the idea and hope to get better at it.

I have been looking on amazon for equipment that I will need for my personal beauty channel. I would like to do actual tutorials and with the lighting I have now it is just horrible!

We did but brighter bulbs and that seems to help so I am going to film a video trying that out on Friday to make sure it improved.

If you are wanting to start a channel make sure you have the time to keep up with it. Getting the equipment might take some time but it should not stop you from making some videos!

Starting a Youtube channel can be scary but I got over what people thought about me in high school! I handle insults pretty well it’s compliments I suck at! LOL

Enjoying some champagne and good company!

If worrying about what people will think of you is what has been stopping you from starting ask yourself this….How many friends will you end up making after people realize how awesome you are? Worrying about the people who put others down might be stopping you from meeting the most amazing people!

I will leave my channels below in case you are one of those amazing people I am supposed to meet!

IF you have started a channel please link it in comments so I can check it out!

vlog channel-

Main channel -

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