Starting a New Chapter…..

Hello Darlings!

It has been about a little over a month since my last post! I was stuck and having a serious block!

It was pure luck that Jake got a promotion in Michigan! We thought a lot about it before making the decision because it is some distance from family, friends, and well it is more expensive.

I thought a lot about what my friend Jackie would say and made a PRO/CON list. The PRO was much greater so we took the leap!

I will say it happened really fast! Like had 2 weeks to get everything packed, stored, and get our asses up here! (totally worth it)

We left Oklahoma the last week of April and got to Auburn Hills Michigan on May 5th.

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We ended up at ” On the Border” and realized it was Cinco de Mayo! So of course we had to have a drink to celebrate!

Since we had little time before needing to be up here we had no place to live so we lived in an extended stay hotel for a little over two weeks.


It was a nice hotel with a kitchen where we were able to cook. It was better than having to eat out all the time. I utilized the pool and gym to try and stay up with my workouts which was really great!

I am happy to say we found a house to rent in the area and are mostly settled in. We got signed and moved in last weekend and I have been unboxing and setting everything up.

I am trying to get things set up before I start work in June ( so thankful I found a job so quickly!) and Jake is enjoying his new promotion.

I am going to get back into swing of having a post up on the normal days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) now that we are on a secure network.

Till next week!



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