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Hello Darlings! It is finally Friday! Do you have any wonderful weekend plans?! I plan to catch up on some reading, try out a few new recipes, and cuddle with my furry babies!

I don’t know about you, but I love to watch some of my favorite youtubers on my down time. They keep me up with the newest trends, and if is is worth the hype.

I have been Subscribed to Kendra Atkins for a few years now. Some of my favorite videos by her are “What I eat in a day” and “Vitacost Hauls”

I honestly had not even heard of vitacost till I seen her talk about it. She has a few favorites that she continues to buy. This tells me they have to be good. She also tries new things and I always love to here what she has to say about it….good or bad.

Jake and I have started to do our own shopping on vitacost because of her. We love to try a lot of the items she mentions. Plus the price is way better!

On the site you can get actual food groceries, vitamins, house supplies, beauty, pet supplies, etc.

Going green is a huge thing therefore companies are making products more green. Vitacost has a lot of products making it easy. Companies such as Honest, and Mrs. Meyers are some of my favorite. I see them at target, but now we order them of the site.

I buy Jake and I’s vitamins on site as well. I enjoy these for my hair, skin, and nails. Then for my daily multivitamin I get these and for Jake these.

I have not bought any beauty products yet….but I will try some of Kendra’s recommendations.

Snacks we like to order from vitacost are quest barschips and then even though energy drinks are not good for you these get ordered too! We like Kind bars as well.

Some of the actual food we have ordered are pasta’s, gluten free cookies, gluten free pancake mix, silk almond milk (original unsweetened), etc.

They have a variety of tea’s and coffee’s that I need to check out. So if you are a big drinker like me it is a good place to shop. This coffee is on the next shopping list.

I have just been dipping my toes on the site. Keeping to things I knew Jake and I for sure like. Every order we try one or two things new. We haven’t complained about anything yet!

If you want to see more don’t forget to check out Kendra’s channel where she goes in more depth on products and her experience.

Do you shop online?! maybe you shop at whole foods but do the delivery! Let us know in the comments below!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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