Serious Tooth Pain!

Hello Darlings!

There I was waking up Sunday morning and my whole left side of my face hurt like a bitch and was swollen! WTF

Monday morning I called my dentist office and set up an appointment. They got me in yesterday late afternoon and I got some horrible news!

Okay, I suppose it could be so much worse but it is awful to me.

So about 3 years ago I had a cavity and of course got it fixed. I thought everything was good since my last check up seemed to go pretty good.

NOPE, the tooth I got fixed 3 fucking years ago was not done very good or something!

In the x-ray you could see that the cavity was really I mean really close to the nerve. It would appear the last dentist did not remove all the cavity or something because the filling is on top of the cavity! WHAT?!

I have to have a root canal! I don’t wanna too! LOL I have not had to have one and I have heard some horrible stories.

My appt. is not until NOV. 4th because I am taking amoxicillin to get rid of the infection that this tooth has caused on my left side! BOO.

I have been taking that along with 800mg Ibuprofen to dull the pain. It does nothing. It will kind of dull the pain for about 5 mins and no I am not being a drama queen.

So that is how my week has gone so far LOL.

Any buddy else have this kind of problem? How bad is it to get a root canal???? They are going to give me valium to help with pain during the procedure.

I am hoping to be as high as a kite so I will not realize what is going on till after I get home and just have a sore mouth.

Any tips??



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