Sephora Play July “16



Hello Darlings!

Happy hump day! The week is half way over already which is exciting.

Speaking of exciting I am no longer on the wait list for Sephora play and have received my first box this month!

For those that do not know, Sephora play is a monthly subscription box for $10. It comes with 5 samples from lines Sephora carries plus a fragrance sample as a bonus. (not much of a bonus in my opinion)



Each box also comes with a card like in picture above. If you bring this card in to a store you get a FREE one-on-one tutorial or advice just for you.

When you use this card if you purchase anything you get an extra 50 points! Which is really nice and on the back of card it tells you when it expires. This one does not expire till August 31st so plenty of time to use it.





Every month all the products come in a cute little bag. They are not as sturdy as an ipsy bag but I’m sure one could find a use for it. ( More on ipsy here and here)

As you can see I received the 5 samples and 1 fragrance sample. I would say the brands are really good and was happy with the samples.



Let’s get into the products!

First off is a primer from Smashbox. This is the photo finish pore minimizing primer which is recommended for combination to oily skin. A full size retails for $39. This reminded me a lot of Benefits POREfessional face primer in color and consistency. I have only used it a few times but I think it works really well as one can expect in this Oklahoma heat.

If you like the Porefessional one I would give this one a try since the full (largest size) of the Benefit one is $55!



Next, is a cleanser from First Aid Beauty which is a line I have become very fond of. This is a skin rescue deep cleanser w/ red clay to help remove excess oil while purifying  and balancing skin. Full size retails for $24.

I have not used this yet since I already have a cleanser open so I will keep you posted on my thoughts.





This bronzer from Too Faced not only is pretty but smells like chocolate! This is the Soleil Matte Bronzer in chocolate of course lol. It retails for $30 and it is a beautiful lightweight formula. I have used it as an all over bronzer to help give my pale face some color LOL. It looks really nice and natural.







This next product I’m not so sure about. Everyone knows about the beauty blender (if not it is a sponge used wet usually to apply makeup) and this sponge is made from the same company. This is the blotterazzi sponge that is used to blot off excess oil. It usually comes in a cute compact cast with 2 sponges and retails for $20.

They say it can be washed and reused which seems better than the blotting papers. I remember learning that when using blotting papers you are actually pushing in the days dirt and oil into your skin. They do remove the oil and a bit of makeup (you can see it on sponge) but not to noticeable. I would not but this personally but for someone who spends a lot on blotting papers might enjoy this.



The one hair care product I got was from Ouai which I have heard great things about but never tried anything. This is the Wave Spray that full size retails for $26. This gives hair that effortless look or beachy hair. I have not used this yet because I have tried several sprays like this and hate the way my hair looks.

I will give it a go and see if it is any different. As always I will keep you posted.





Lastly, is the fragrance sample. I have heard of NEST Before but never sampled it. This is the Citrine for $68 in full size. I have posted the notes of the scent above since I suck at explaining it. It is not a bad scent but not something I would normally wear. I would suggest swinging by the counter and testing it out yourself since everyone is different.

That concludes everything in the bag! I’d say not bad for the first one but I will give it a few months before deciding if it is worth it.

Any questions please ask! As always you can reach me at my social accounts or in the comment section.

Till next time,





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