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Hello Darlings! How was your weekend?! Anything special? Jake and I pretty much laid around watching friends (No Shame here) I did receive the tiniest box from influenster on Saturday.
In case you have been living under a rock….Influenster is a website (they now have an app) you can sign up for (ITS all FREE!!) and add your social media to get a high score (more followers = higher score)
They have millions of products on there to ask questions, answer questions, write reviews, and read reviews. You can unlock badges by doing these things and get more points plus be up for a virtual or voxbox!
This is where you get asked to take a quiz if they feel you fit the box then you will receive free products to try and review. IT can be make-up, food, hygiene, laundry detergent! Just about anything!
I love this program! The tasks that are required to get the box and to do after getting the box are super easy and fun!
In my tiny box I got a sample of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion formula in Medium. This is makeup for your legs. What I mean is it helps cover up any imperfections!
I put it to the test (Meaning I did a small area first….) on Sunday. It it was like putting foundation on my leg. It blends a lot better then I thought it would! It dries pretty face and I did not have problems with it on my clothes (which is really nice)!
I will admit I was a little sad when I seen I got the lotion formula because I thought it would be like those lotions with slow tanning effects. I was WRONG! It does smell a bit when you first put it on but it is a chemical smell not tan smell (Does that make sense?) I faded away rather quickly which was really nice.
Tiny but Mighty!
As you can see from photo I got a very small sample but they were nice enough to send a coupon for $2 off. I should be able to get 2 full uses out if the tube they sent me to try, so I can see how well I really like it. I can already tell you I will like it.
When I seen it was in medium I was worried because I am really LIKE really pale! After trying it though I feel it is the perfect color! If it had been lighter I do not believe I would get much coverage.
If you are thinking about giving this a try or already have yet in the color that might have been a tad light. I say give it a go or another go but don’t be intimidated to choose a darker color then you normal would. I will be posting a picture of my legs fully covered on my Instagram in the next couple of days So if you are not following me already it’s @ JustRobecca
I have seen that Sally Hansen has come out with Gradual tanning lotion and Light-weight spray foundation (face makeup).
I have heard nothing on the lotion, but a few reviews on foundation from youtubers. Sad to say they were not great reviews..not bad ones just not “I must go get it now” ones.
A big THANK YOU to Influenster for sending me this free sample to try out and review!
If you are not an influenster yet I highly recommend trying it out! You will not be sorry!
If you give this a try tag me in your pics!!!
I hope you had a lovely Monday!
Till the next time

Margarita Monday!!!!


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