Have you guys heard about ROCKSBOX yet?! IF not, no worries I am here to tell you all about it!

Do you love jewelry? But hate how much a pretty piece can cost? Maybe you are not sure about a piece till after you have worn it.

If you have asked yourself any of those questions then ROCKSBOX is for you! Before you ask, No! This is not a sponsored post! I really really like the idea behind this!

I love to wear jewelry, yet I rarely do! I have 3 YES 3! jewelry boxes yet they have squat in them!

I will admit I am picky. I like silver and rose gold the most! Plus I like unique pieces. Then again, I enjoy dainty pieces for everyday, but I want statement pieces for those special occasions!

How freaking cute is this?!

A few months back I was subscribed to ROCKSBOX but I kept getting one piece at of the 3 you get I actually liked.

See at that time you signed up and took a quiz about what you liked. For some great! For me not so great. Since I am so picky it was not working out 🙁 so I stopped.

They just recently changed the way they do things. Now I don’t know if you still take a quiz, but I do know you scroll through thousands of brands and styles. You favorite the ones you like (almost everything comes in both gold and silver) and then your personal stylist will choose from it.

It being your WISHLIST! I went through as many has it would let me (seemed like forever) then you can go to their Instagram account and any piece you see on there you just comment #wishlist and BAM it is now in your wishlist!

I noticed some pieces that did not grab my attention did grab it when I seen it worn!

Sometimes I will look at a piece and think “What would I wear that with?” so I pass it up when nothing comes to mind. Seeing it in play on the other hand makes ideas start flowing!

You remember me saying something about a personal stylist?! Every subscriber gets one!! In my little personalized note she let’s me know this box was created by the SLATE gunmetal necklace I had in my wishlist. Every item was on my wishlist so she knew I liked it! She then just choose one to built a cute little set.

In my little note is also where they will tell you what each piece is, who it is by, and then the insiders price. (it shows what real price is but then what we would pay for it) Yes that is right my darlings if you find a piece you just can NOT live without you do not have to!

See it works like this…..You get 3 pieces every box, each month is costs $19. You can keep a box for as long as you like but you will still be charged $19 once every month.

Now when you are done, they so gratefully gave you a package you can reuse with a postage sticker inside for you to place on top of the one they used to send the package to you. (that’s right folks no cost to you to ship it back!)

Now that you have sent it back you will not charged until they send you another box. It took about 4 business day’s for me to get package ( I remember them receiving it quickly as well)

If there is a piece you would like to purchase you just go to your account and click buy. You will be charged for it at insiders price and then you just ship back the pieces you didn’t purchase.

I feel it a jewelry rental service except affordable!!!!!!


Each piece comes in a little bag like shown above so nothing gets tangled! Plus if you go away for the weekend you can easily take the pieces you want!

In this months box I received the SLATE necklace she built around. One pair of Silver stud earrings, and a silver ring. (pictures down below) You can see in the little note it tells you everything you need to know. Plus if you go online and rate your items your next box will ship a lot faster because your stylist will have a better idea.


Engraved Triangle Necklace in Gunmetal by SLATE!
Regular price $56 Insiders $45

Most of these companies that design the pieces I have not heard of so it is a great way to learn of great companies! You might find a new brand worth telling everybody about! Sometimes I will look at a piece at then the price and think it is not worth that. Then again, some are priced really good!!

 Orbit & Crystal Silver Ring by Wanderlust + Co
Regular price $49 Insiders $39

With the rings you do get to choose your ring size. I choose more than one because I like to wear different kinds. I like that that is an option. (ignore my horrible nails) This ring fits both middle and pointer finger.


Pave Dagger Studs in silver by Sophie Harper
Regular price $35 insiders $28

I like studs more than big statement like earrings. This are cute and perfect for an evening out that you want to add a little something with out going overboard!

I will be taking photos with these items worn as I wear them through out the month! If you are interested in seeing those pics make sure you are following me on Instagram! (JustRobecca)

Would you like to see more months to come of my ROCKSBOX?! I would be happy to due one every new box if you are interested.

If you would like to try this out for yourself the first 3 people to DM on twitter (JustRobecca) will get my special code to get one month for FREE!!!!!! IT is a nice way to try it out with out costing you a thing!!!!

Do you like monthly boxes?! Have you heard of this before??? What are your thoughts? Please comment below 🙂

Till the next time



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