Pure Leaf Home Brew



I was recently chosen my Influenster to try these full size samples from Pure Leaf. One is an Iced and one is a Hot tea. I love tea both ways so I was a good candidate for this box.

I have talked about Influenster before but in short it is a free site you can sign up for and plug in all your social sites. You take some quizzes and if they fill a box of samples would be a great fit for you they send it out. All they ask in return is your review! You can learn more about it here and sign up here.

I am already a huge fan of the unsweetened original Pure Leaf tea. It is that good old fashioned iced tea.

So I was excited about this home brew. The hot is a black tea with a vanilla flavor. The vanilla is not that over powering so I added honey and lemon and it was really enjoyable.

I will say I really enjoy Iced tea during the day and I was really bummed about this flavor.

I enjoy Green tea which is what this one is but it is flavored with mint and citrus. I enjoy both of those flavors so it would have been nice if it would have came through more.

I felt I was drinking a strong green tea with a slight mint flavor and very little citrus.

I know they have other flavors and I plan on giving them a try.

Do you enjoy a good cup of tea? Iced or Hot???



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