My Easy Every Day Makeup

Lighting helps too! šŸ™‚Ā 

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a drink (or 3) and enjoying their Friday!

I am going to be showing and talking about the few products I have been using everyday for an easy daily look.



I start with this lovely primer! I got this in a Sephora Play box which is why it is a sample size. I have been loving a more glow look lately and this really helps with that. You can buy full sizeĀ hereĀ for $38.



I really love BB and CC creams. This CC+ from It cosmetics is amazing. It is your skin but better so it is not heavy but great coverage. Plus that SPF 50+ is outstanding! Can purchase itĀ hereĀ orĀ hereĀ for $38.




This has been my 2nd go to. I will alternate between the two since they are both your skin but better. I love that this is a dropper! IT is a bit more expensive for a “drugstore” foundation. You can find itĀ hereĀ orĀ hereĀ for $17.99. It is the airbrush formula.


undereye concealer

I love this for my under-eyes right now! I love some other ones but this one has been doing the job and it is drugstore! This is the Maybelline superstay better skin. (is lighter than pic is showing) You can find itĀ hereĀ for $6.79. I like the Fit me one as well!


spot concealer

I got this in a birchbox again why it is a sample size. This is what I use for any spots that need some extra coverage. You can buy full sizeĀ hereĀ for $32. I really like the formula for blending.


setting powder.jpg


I have been using this as my setting powder. It is cheap and lovely! It comes in a loose formula as well which works just as good and even better for baking. I like this one for traveling and my handbag. You can find itĀ hereĀ for $6.

brow pencil

This little gem is great for brows. It is the It cosmetics universal brow powder pencil. You can find itĀ hereĀ for $24.

inside palette


This is actually a contour palette but I use it for shadows instead. I take 1 & 2 together to create a nice brown to cover my veins on my eyelid and to give it some color that looks natural. I take the #3 and use it as a brow highlight because I don’t like to much highlight on my brow bone so this color is just enough. You can find itĀ hereĀ for $21.




This beautiful shade is what I add on my lid to add a little shimmer. It is just enough to brighten up your tired eyes. You can get itĀ hereĀ for $19.


eye pencil

In my bottom waterline I use a nude color to make my eyes appear more awake. I love this trick. Any nude would work. ( I am not sure where I got this)


This is what I use on my bottom lash line for liner. Not in my water line but on the lash line. It is in the color expresso from Smashbox. They don’t have the crayon formula like this anymore. Sorry!


I use two mascaras because I can! haha I useĀ this oneĀ for bottom andĀ this oneĀ for top! Bottom is $25 and top is $12.



This is a great bronzer from Revoultion Makeup. I love it! You can find itĀ hereĀ for $7. You should check out some of their other stuff too!




I got this in an ipsy bag. It is from City color and my #1 is called blackberry because it is more of a purple. I could not find this palette but hereĀ are the matte blushes ( the colors are not the same but there is a good selection.



Lastly, I have been using this highlighter from Laura Geller in “gilded Honey” It is just enough golden highlight. You can find itĀ hereĀ for $26.


I of course finish off with a setting spray! šŸ™‚




** No links are affiliate. I just wanted to share and link where you can find them!**

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March Ipsy “17

march ipsy

Hello Darlings!

March’s Ipsy bag is not that impressive as you can see from the picture above. I do like that the bag is shaped differently.

march ipsy concealer

This first item is a dark spot corrector concealer from City Color. It’s a creamy formula that at first impression seems to be hard to work with it. I will need to put this to the test with a brush.

march ipsy blush

This item is a blush from “So Susan”. It’s a blush & Glow luminizing Blush in the color rose rust. It really is a rusty rose color with some shine to it but no glitter which is a plus!

march ipsy serum

This is a collagen serum from Mint Pear. It is used morning & night so I will have to put this to good use and see if I notice anything.

march ipsy lip paint


You have heard me talk all about these lip paints from Tarte in the past and I love them. This is in the color: delish which I don’t think I have. This will be a nice addition to my collection. It is a pretty mauve rose/brown.

march ipsy brush

Lastly, is a blending brush from “skone” I have never heard of them before. I will have to put this to use and see if it is a good brush. By the feel of it it seems nice but it sheds.

What did you get in your bag? Did you like what you got?



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Weekend Recap 3-13


Hello Darlings!

How was your Weekend? Mine was spent just as you see in the picture above.

It would seem allergies this year are really kicking my ass! Jake and I spent the weekend laying around ( I have been coughing my ass off for like 2 weeks! annoyed all ready) We finally finished Jessica Jones on Netflix and began watching Lucas Cage. We are huge Marvel fans But we have never read a comic book lol. We are trying to get them watched before Iron fist comes out this week!


My drink of choice this weekend for my cough was the ingredients above! haha It seems to help better than the over-the-counter meds I picked up.

What do you like to do when you feel like crap?! Any home remedies you love?! Are you a Marvel fan?



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Polish I’m Loving for Spring


Hello Darlings!

Anyone else ready for spring? The weather has been pretty warm (like 80) most days but a few nice spring days. I feel we will go straight to summer heat and not really get to enjoy the spring weather. What is it like where you are?

FullSizeRender 6

I have been bringing out my spring colors when I actually paint my nails…I’m lazy! I hate not having them painted but I have been using a hardening formula. I do paint my own nails more than going to get them done mainly because it is cheaper.

As I’m sure you can tell I love O.P.I and Essie. I do have more Essie than O.P.I but I seem to like the colors more.

Starting with my O.P.I colors I put them next to each other so you could see there is a difference. It is a little hard to tell not just in pictures but in person as well.

FullSizeRender 8

This first color is “Alpine Snow” which is a a pale white color. I love it for spring and summer.

FullSizeRender 4

The second color is “Be There in a Prosecco” which is a pale nude. I will wear this color year round but find myself reaching for it more in spring.

I love the names that both companies come up with!

Moving on to Essie…


Yes I know there is a white and nude in this set too…but I swear they are different LOL

FullSizeRender 3

This is “cocktails & coconuts” it is a pale nude BUT it has some light sparkles in it! SEE it is different! haha This is another go to for spring and will continue into summer.


FullSizeRender 5

This is “now and zen” which is a pretty light mauve green color. I love it! I wear this year round too!

FullSizeRender 2

This is the other white in “Blanc” and it is more of a real white where the other is buildable. I like the O.P.I for a lighter pale look.


Lastly, of the Essie group is this “bikini so teeny” which is a pretty pale blue. This is my most go to spring color.

I wanted to throw in another color from a brand I don’t really buy often. I love this color but the polish bubbles (tiny bubbles when it is dry so annoying) which makes is peel in a day.

FullSizeRender 7

This is a pretty pale pink “Kiss the bride” I think this color looks so pretty with a tan! I just which I could figure out the formula. I know Essie and O.P.I have color options close to this that I will have to check in to. Does anyone else have this problem?

What polish do you love? Do you paint your own or go somewhere?



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Weekend Recap


Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? Did you get things done or just relax?

I did not get as much done as I wanted due to waking up with a migraine Sunday morning. Saturday was a good day where I got some errands done and we rented a few movies.

I had a list of things I wanted to do around the house on Sunday so the migraine really put that on hold. I laid in bed all day and nothing got done.


IF you missed my post from Friday you will have no idea what I am talking about so check it outĀ here. We opened this one over the weekend and I loved it. It would go great with a steak in my opinion. Don’t forget with my linkĀ hereĀ you can save $30!


Allergies are kicking my ass like no other this year. I have been trying to drink more hot tea than I already do plus water. I am taking some over the counter meds to help with this terrible cough I have. I made Chicken noodle soup Saturday night and have been enjoying the left overs. I don’t know why that always makes me feel a bit better but hey if it works…it works!



**some links may be affiliate**

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