One of those weeks….

My Girls!!


Sorry I missed Monday and Tuesday’s post! This past weekend was a long one! Just a real emotional drainer!

I said goodbye to the military life this weekend, Not that I won’t see my friends anymore…it is just not going to be the same in some ways.

I was not expecting it to pull a few emotional punches to the gut! So I slept pretty much the whole day Monday then Tuesday was my birthday. I know it is supposed to be a happy day but it was complete crap!

So I ate ice cream and watched movies (pathetic I know but it’s my party and I can if I want to)

Today I woke up on a positive note and slowly am getting out of my funk.

I did finally purchase this!!!! I am so excited for it to get here! I have been waiting Champagne pop ever since I heard Jaclyn Hill talk about it on her channel!! She is amazing and I love her videos You should really check her out if you don’t watch her!!

I will do a review on it after I have wore it for a while (if it will hurry and get here) and let you know my thoughts. If you have already given it a go what are your thoughts???

There will be quite a few product reviews coming in the next couple of weeks. I have gotten several new things to try! I am  really excited to try them all out!!

My hot tea concoction has come handy the last 2 day’s. Jake and I both woke up Monday feeling like we had went out partying the night before. I guess coming from Kansas back to Oklahoma does something to the allergies.

It is the weirdest thing but every time we come home we get all stuffed up. I think it is time we invested in humidifier. There is one at whole foods I have heard good things about. I just need to go get it along with some of the oils. I will go more in to detail after I have check it out.

For now hot tea with cinnamon and Jack is doing the trick. Do you have any advice???

That pretty much summons up my week so far! Sorry nothing exciting to share but tomorrow will be back to usual.

Till the next time



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