Oklahoma City Food Truck Friday’s

Hello Darlings! How was your weekend??? Did anybody else’s go by extremely fast?? I’m sure evey one is looking forward to this weekend?!?!? And a long weekend at that!

For those that come to the Oklahoma city area or even live here. How many have heard about H&8th??!?!?

It is a huge food truck event every LAST Friday of every month!! So if you love food and need something to do this is that SOMETHING!

I had heard about this but would always forget it. ( I know I should have set a reminder!) What made me remember this past Friday I have no clue but I’m so glad I DID!

You can find all the info about H&8th here so if you ever decided check it out (YOU SHOULD)

If you go try and go before it actually starts because Jake and I were not able to. We got there around 745pm and parking was a bitch!

The nice thing about our walk besides the exercise of course ha! was it worked up an appetite which you will need!

I mean this thing is blocks long!!! So many different types of food to choose from!!

You got MexiAsian, Cajan, mexican, Wings, burgers w/ff, crepes, and many more!

Jake and I have been trying to find a good BBQ place here and finally we found it!! A damn food truck!

 We walked all along every truck before we made any decisions. Everything looked and smelled great, but we decided to try this Truck!

We are talking fall off the bone ribs! amazing sauce with beans and potato salad! YUM

A look at the menu

We were not only happy with the food but it was priced right too!!!

After we ate we walked around looking at booths people set up, listened to music, and tried some local brewery’s. They also had wine tastings for local winery’s< but we just had BBQ and hello BEER goes with BBQ

Jake tried this one (it wasn’t bad)

I tried this one (it was really good)

These 2 are from here the only other beer we had tried from them before was HORNYTOAD. The beer is not bad at all!

If you like to try new beers or even just want to change it up. Look these up

That’s all for today! Later this week I will be putting up some recipes you might like to try for the 4th. So be one the look out for those!!

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Let me know if you have or ever plan to check this out!! Food trucks are so IN right now

Till the next time



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