NewBeauty TestTube Products!

New products to me!

Hello Darlings!

I have talked about the NewBeauty TestTube a few times on this blog. My most recent post was in June when I received the last box.

It is the most I spend on a subscription but completely worth it. Read my last post here to see more info. If you would like to see an actually unboxing see my video here.

Looking back at those two and then seeing what is in this one shows you what a great box this is. (This is not sponsored I really like getting high end goods)

I am going to do something new this time. Instead of showing you everything I got this time, I’m going to show you the new items I got.

I have noticed every once in awhile you will get reruns of products but I don’t mind because they always seem to be of the products I liked and can be a bit pricy!

If you liked what you saw in these boxes and would like to try one out for yourself but do not want to pay full price. Send me a DM on twitter (@JustRobecca) with your Name and email address. I will take the first 6 people to reach out and offer them a discount code. If you do this and then receive the email with code but wish not to use it no worries!

Now let’s get into the products! (IF you wanted to know what other products I got but not shown I would be happy to tell you! Just tweet, email, or comment!)

You had me @ De-puff!

I had not heard of ALTCHECK MD before I received these 2 packets. Here is the website in case you are interested in checking it out!

I only got 2 packets when a full size is 10 @ $20 which is pretty good in my opinion. They are eye gel pads that claim to de-puff and refresh the under eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

You can use them 2-3 times a week for 15-20 mins on clean skin. I am looking forward to giving
these a go!

I have seen but not ever used Bio-oil products. I do have stretch marks that I am dying to test this on! I received 0.5 fl oz but full size products range from 2 0z @ $12, 4.2 oz @ $20 and 6.7 oz @ $28
This is just a face and body oil that is supposed to treat skin related ailments. I will be putting this to the test in the next couple of weeks to see if it works. ( would you like a full post on it?)
I am not a fan of formula’s that are supposed to plump your lips for the fact it usually stings the crap out of your lips!
This company is called GrandeNaturals and it appears they make a mascara as well. This is a collagen-boosting lip plumper called GrandeLips.
It is in the scent and flavor Vanilla. It is a clear gloss you can wear everyday and in 30 day’s should have a youthful looking pout. I have to say I am not looking forward to using this but I will give it a try.
Now I have used L’Occitane hand creams before and find them to be really moisturizing. This is part of their skin care line and I am curious to try it out. I seen this cream is one of the top sellers.
This is the Divine cream that claims to help you achieve younger looking skin with it’s anti-aging ingredients. You would use this as a daily moisturizer.
I can see how many oz’s I got but it is the tiniest little pot lol. They only have one size which is 1.7 oz @ $108! At that price it better be good! I am thankful I get to test this out!
DermaQuest is another company I have not heard of. This is their Essential B5 Hydrating Serum. It claims to hydrate your skin while providing a treatment to reduce signs of aging. It says it is essential for all skin types.
I got 0.5 oz and the full size is 1 oz @ $71 I have to say that is a pretty good sample! I will begin using this once I have used up the serum I am using now.
I do have to say it appears I should have no problem keeping my skin looking young HA! I was surprised that this box was mostly skin and hair care. ( I got 2 reruns of really good hair products) Normally it has a couple of make-up items.
I am in no way complaining! I love the Testtube! I get to really try out high end brands and at least there is always one company I have not heard of. It is like xmas every time I get my box!
Don’t forget if you want to give this a go just tweet me your name and email for a discount code! (@JustRobecca) no scams just a nice way to try it out for one month to see if you like it!
Would you like a review on any of these products? Have you tried any of these? Please comment below your thoughts!

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