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Hello Darlings! Today I’m going to do an unboxing for you! It is my subscription of NewBeauty Testtube I have been subscribed to this for about 4 yrs now. It’s $38.90 this includes shipping. It seems like a lot but it only 6 times a year. As a member you also receive the magazine every quarter.

It comes in a cute pink box all wrapped like pic above. Inside you have a testtube and a booklet that tells you more about each product.

I think it is worth it just for the fact it is only 6 times a year plus it is all high-end products. A lot of the stuff that comes in it are from really expensive companies I have not heard of. I think it is great to try new things.

This months package

Looking at the picture above it may seem at first that it is not worth it, but as we go into each product and you see the price it will make up for it.

Starting off with a full size product. This is Pores no more cleanser by Dr. brandt  This is a company I have seen and tried. I have actually received a smaller size of this in a different subscription and it is really nice. It is $35 for 3.5 fl. oz it is recommended for combination and oily skin.

This is just a small sample size, yet a nice sample size to really give it a try. It is rare blend protecting treatment by Ojon. In this box you could have gotten this or the Damage reverse restorative conditioner. I’m happy with what I got due to the fact I have already received the conditioner in something else. ( it smells great btw) This is $27 for 5.9 fl oz it is a protecting and conditioning spray.

This is a brow pencil by IT Cosmetics. It is $24 for a full size. It is a universal brow pencil. It calms to match all hair colors. I am excited to test this out because I really like this companies products.

Let me first say the size of this is crap! I have received this in birchbox and I expect small in it. Not only that but I didn’t even like the formula. I will give it another go just for the fact maybe the other one was old or something. This is Grande mascara by GrandeLASH-MD it is $24.95 for 0.41 fl oz  It clams to promote longer, thicker, and dramatic lashes.

I’m curious to try this. This is another full size product. It is Quikee by supersmile. $18 for 0.17 oz
I have tried other products from this company and I loved it! I have high hopes for this. It is a on-the-go whitening tool. It also clams to freshen breath.

In my mask post the other day you read me talking about glamglow. This is the Youthmud version which I have used before. like I said in that post all the masks from this company are quite expensive yet totally worth it. Though I am grateful for this sample due to the price I do wish it would have been on of their newer ones. Full size is 1.7 fl oz for $69.

Funny thing about this is I really do use this. I buy this at sephora. It is a cleaning conditioner by WEN. When cleaning conditioner was all the rage last summer I did some research and this seemed to be the best. full size is 32 fl oz for $32  It last a long time. It feels minty on the scalp and makes my hair super clean.

Again this is another product I have tried before. I will say sometimes being subscribed to more than one subscription box can be a pain, yet if the products are one I liked it does safe me money. This is Style me roots to ends hair oil by Balanced Guru. This is another full size product! It is 1 fl oz for $18.99  I have tried a lot of different hair oils and truthfully I love them all. So this is another great repeat product.

I said above it comes with a booklet to tell you more about each product. It gives you the key ingredients, it’s purpose, and most have a blogger review on the page. examples below.

I have done previous post on other boxes so check those out if you would like to compare. If you like this information and are possibly thinking about trying it but still on the fence I will do more posts on any of the products you would like to know more about.

IF I do have you interested but the price scares you (it does me every time) I have an offer for you. The first 6 people to DM on my twitter with their email address I will send them an email with a discount code. ONLY the first 6 people so better jump fast!

I hope you enjoyed this post! IF so please subscribe so you don’t miss any new posts!

Are there any products you would like a longer review on?!?! Pleases comment below.

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