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Hello Darlings!

How is your week going so far? Mine has been a nightmare! LOL Seems everyday a new challenge would pop up but I have it all under control ūüôā

Today I want to talk about a few products that I had received in my latest testtube from NewBeauty. If you would like to check out NewBeauty go here and check out this post to see if looks like something you would be into.

I also have a special offer for half off your first testtube that I will be mentioning at the end.



I feel like starting with hair care this time.

I have used this all up in about 3 washes. Normally I would save these travel size for actual travel but I had heard good things.

I have been coloring my hair lately so I thought it would be a good time to try it. This is from Goldwell and it is the color shampoo with color intensive luster mask.

The shampoo has no harmful sulfates so it helps color last longer and prevent against future damage. With the few times I was able to use it I noticed it smelled good, worked and lathered in hair nicely. My hair felt really and I mean really clean after I rinsed.

The mask is formulated for color hair to deep condition and treat the hair. It leaves hair vibrant and adds shine. I noticed it was best to just have mask on the ends of my hair. When I used it everywhere it made my hair greasy at roots but after I used it on ends and mid shaft I did not have this problem. I noticed immediately once dry that it really does add shine!

In the end I wish I would have been able to use it a bit longer but I would still make the decision to purchase this. It is a great combo for colored hair. The Full size of shampoo is $28 and the Mask is $45. The mask seems a bit much but when you think about how often you really use it (about once a week) it will last awhile.



I use a wide tooth comb in the shower to evenly spread a mask but I have never used a comb like this before. This comb is used for styling and regular brushing. It is made from Denman and called the D12 Three-Row Comb and costs $6.

I used this comb after a shower and once I put in my leave in creme and oil. It detangled just fine but I still prefer my wet brush. As for styling it works great to separate hair or to add volume by teasing.


I have been using this primer for about 2 weeks now and it clams to boost length and thickness for a false lash look while strengthening lashes with peptides for better results over time. It is from Grandelashmd and this full size is $25.

Using this reminds me a lot of the primer in the¬†L’Oreal Paris Double Mascara¬†or¬†L’Oreal Paris Voluminous¬†which works just fine plus you get a mascara on the other end.

It goes on white and you are supposed to put your mascara on right after. It made my mascara thinker but clumpy in some areas. In my opinion it did not look like false lashes. I will remember to take a picture tomorrow and post it on my Instagram (JustRobecca) and snapchat (Becca_beeley) so you can judge yourself.

I will not be purchasing this but I do love the L’Oreal ones so I will continue to use those.


So in this testtube I only received one of these but these where the two you could have gotten in yours. These sheet masks are from Leaders Cosmetics and average around $7 a mask.

I received in my testtube the Balancing Recovery Mask and I actually just used it last night and I am hooked! I can only imagine what the BlueBerry SuperFood must be like or any of the others for that matter.

I first noticed it was really soaked in the product. You know how when you open a sheet mask and it is wet and covered in the serum well this was really covered! You take the paper off and stick it on your face like any other sheet mask. I didn’t even have to get the extra serum out of pouch to apply on my neck my hands where covered in it. My face and neck were¬†drenched¬†in this mask!

I left it on for about 30 minutes ( I usually do with sheet masks to really get as much out of it as possible) when I took it off I rubbed excess serum in my skin. About an hour later I noticed my skin was a glow and looked so amazing!

I will be checking out a few more of these masks and purchasing this one for sure!



Now last week I had planned on doing a whole post on this product but I realized to buy it you have to have a Professional Skincare code such as from your dermatologist or¬†Esthetician. I figured¬†most of you would find it a pain to hear great things about a product and than have to get an access code to purchase. If I am wrong I would be happy to post it just let me know in the comments below. ūüôā

Just in case most of you decide to see the full post I will only give a few of my thoughts.

First off I am going to be purchasing this! I love it! It is a Polish Enzyme Firming Mask from Osmosis Skincare.

I noticed my skin looking fresh and renewed after every use! It was like it polished away all the dead skin and let the new vibrant show.

That will be all I will say for now.


This has been my daily refresher the last week. It is from June Jacobs and is a great mist or toner. Full Size is $38 and the travel which is what I have is $7.

The smell is amazing! It reminds me of sweet tarts which probably sounds¬†weird¬†to put on your¬†face but I love it. I had started to use it as my daily toner and than carried in my hand bag for refreshers during day. (This was nice except I must have gotten a faulty bottle because it leaked. I couldn’t figure out from where and the cap was on good. My only con on the product and it may just be a package problem.

This gave my skin back its hydration after a good cleanse or drying mask. It has a lot of antioxidants and extracts that help with signs of aging as well! What is not to like.


Lastly, is two polishes that help your nails. They are from Probelle full size is $14 (however you can find them on amazon and they are a bit cheaper) I received both of these and so far I have no complaints. You use them together formula 1 than 2.

For the first 2 weeks I used the Nail Hardener which is formula 1. You have to put one coat on daily and at the end of the week take it off. I did this for 2 weeks because my nails were really weak and broke easily. Then would bend easily too which if this has ever happened to you you know it sucks!

I will say they are way better! They are not peeling or breaking as easy and they look really nice. I think I would like to do this treatment again every couple of weeks.

After those 2 weeks where over I began to use the¬†Nail Maintenance. My first thought was this¬†weird¬†because it is made with lime and garlic but don’t worry it does not smell gross or¬†strong. It really does make your nails shine and grow! I swear they grow so fast now it is crazy.

I will continue to use these and buy them once gone if I find nothing better.

What was the product that caught your attention? Will you try any of these?

Don’t Forget if you want the full post on Polish Enzyme mask comment below!

Now for those that stuck around if you would like percentage taken off the normal price of $39 for the NewBeauty TestTube ( It comes every other month) I need your email to send you an invite. Once you get the invite it will let you know how much to save. If you decide it is not worth it just don’t follow through with the rest. You can leave your email in the direct message to me (in the drop down menu on the left) or feel free to email me (


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