My Top 10 YouTubers I’m Loving!!

Hello Darlings! How was your hump day?! Cheer up the week is half way over!! It is already almost 8pm here and I’m exhausted! (pathetic I know)

Today I had a bit a free time waiting for Jake to get home before I started Dinner. So I was catching up on some of my Youtube videos I subscribe too. As I was doing this I thought I need to share these wonderful people to my viewers so you can see how great they are yourself!

I have a load of people I am subscribed too (well only like 25) But I decided to just talk about my Top 10 who I just can’t wait for them to upload.

Melanie Murphy is from Ireland! NOT only does she have an awesome accent, but she a sweet, funny, and honest person. She does videos on beauty, health, and lifestyle. If you have not seen her videos yet I recommend you check her out!

Claire Marshall is one bad ass chick! Her make-up is always on point and she makes high quality vidoes!! You can tell she puts a lot of time and thought into her videos! Plus she has a beautiful black cat named Bruce!!!

tati is so down to earth! I feel she gives the best advice on products. She does first impressions which I like. I want to see the product in action and her reaction. IF you love beauty videos her channel is a must.

Style by Dani is a sweetheart with great style! I also enjoy here (what I eat in a day) videos. She does videos on health, fashion, hauls, and beauty!

With Kendra You have heard me mention her before in this post. Fun loving and has a lot of good recommendations on choosing healthy! she is recently decorating her house and she has great ideas!!

Fleur DeForce was one of the first people I ever subscribed too! Watching her videos made me realize how much fun you can have with makeup!

Ingrid Nelson has one of the most out going personalities ever!!! She makes me laugh and has a few good recipes up her sleeve!!!

Kandee Johnson was another first for me! She has a lot of good makeup tips and she can do amazing things with makeup!!!! I love her personality!!!

Weylie OMG I feel hard for this one!!! what is not to love?!?! GREAT personality and she is not afraid to be herself!!! Also need to check her Vlog channel with BF Because Jake and I love them!

Leighannsays is a Texas girl! She makes me laugh and feel like it is okay to be weird! She has great taste and great hair!!!!

IF you have not subscribed to these ladies go look at their channels!!!

let me know your thoughts and who you are loving!!! Please comment below!!!

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