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Hello Darlings! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I kept mine pretty simple yet enjoyable.

Monday’s are not very good as it is but mine got worse when I woke up with a fever! YUCK nobody wants to be sick in the summer time!! ( I hate being sick period) So I have been in bed all day drinking water and juice.

So to make the day a bit better I thought I’d show you some cute outfits and pieces I love! If you like any of these as well just click on my pinterest icon and they are all under my board: Fashion.

It being summer and all I thought I choose this cute outfit. This is how I pair my daily outfits. I like to keep it simple and accessorize. I love pinning outfits like this because honestly half the time it’s were I get my outfit ideas.

I will see something and think I have something just like that and I could pair it with this!

I love to pair flip flops with jeans. I think it looks nice yet laid back. The long sleeve shirt looks so comfy to me ( I buy shirts like this from target all the time) I would either pull mu hair into a top knot or messy loose curls.


This is the kind of outfit I would wear out the movies or girls night. It looks nice and put together yet not over doing it. The shoes are comfortable yet stylish and the red purse add’s that extra something.


This is what I feel most comfortable in. Nothing comes close to jeans that make your ass look amazing with plain white tee. I am a huge scarf freak!! That is what I love most about fall and winter! The jacket add’s a tough look and the boots are gorgeous! This would be a date night outfit for me.


These boots are just the cutest! I love the rocker/biker vibe. This would pair great with half of my jeans and t’shirts! What more could I ask for!! (are you a booties or full boots person) I enjoy both.

It sounds crazy but I think this shirt is sexy! I love the “off the shoulder look but not” Plus I like my sweaters to be bagging and cover my hands. I know a lot of people actually really like this look.

OMG!!! I fucking love this!! I need this jacket in my life! What more could I ever need when a jacket comes with a build in scarf!!!! I imagine this to be so cozy!!!


Lastly, I had to mention my love for BIG ass comfy sweaters. Last winter I bought a shit load and I wear them around the house now. (Jake thinks it needs to be 65 degrees in here) I get cold really easily and always have a jacket (usually from Victoria secret) or a sweater. I have one with me always when we go to the movies (Why must it be so cold in there??)

What is your style?! I would love to see a few pics feel free to comment them or sent them to me on pinterest.

Till next time



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