My No- Makeup Days

Hello Darlings!

Do you wear makeup everyday? Do you go lighter on some days than others?

Day’s where I have to go nowhere (maybe a short trip to the store) I wear nothing but my eye cream and moisturizer!

Giving your face a break from all the crap we normally put on it gives it time to breath. I’m sure going completely bare would be better but I’ve noticed my face looks really really BLAH without a bit of something!

In this post I talk about what I use in the mornings. It has not changed yet but I am about out of a few So will be trying some new things out! ( would you want an updated version?)

On my extreme lazy day’s I just wash my face with a light cleanser, then add my toner. Once that has soaked in I just use my eye cream and moisturizer!

The eye cream helps with my puffiness I seem to get every morning! (really should try to sleep more) A few mins after applying my eyes have gone down and look normal LOL

The moisturizer helps energize my face! My dull morning skin starts to look refreshed and alive.

So if you go without anything on your lazy days woohoo for you! Doesn’t your skin thank you for it later!

If you have tried to take it easy on your face TRY IT and let us know your thoughts!

Tell us your routine in the comments!

Till the next time,



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