My Excel Clothing Wishlist

I love designer brands and that’s why I love Excel Clothing! For those of you who don’t know about it….It is a leading designer brand out of the U.K. and Ireland for those of us who love designer brands. Check out their site here! They have a little bit of everything!
Today I read about them giving a chance to win $300 to spend!!!! So I thought I would share my wish list and the link to enter. I mean who doesn’t love the chance to try and win. There are of course requirements to enter but it is all in the link. (This one is mostly for other bloggers FYI) 
Now for the fun part!! Here is my wish list……..
The Mickael Kors purse is an item I have had my eye on for awhile!! Is it it just so Beautiful! OMG if you have this please comment below your thoughts! 🙂 
The Armani top is great for spring because it is light weight. I love that is looks so comfy and long. 
The  UGG Shoes caught my eye because honestly I could see myself in these hanging around the beach in a dress or long skirt. Plus don’t they just look so cute and comfy!!!
Comment below:
What is on your wish list?
Thanks for stopping by! Till the next time XOXO

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