My Coffee

Hello Darlings! This week went by so fast for me! You?! I’m thinking a trip to the few farmer’s market’s we got around here on Saturday morning.  Would anybody be interested on a post about them?!

On Tuesday’s Post I talked about how I gave up some of my favorite thing’s for health. I mentioned how I drink my coffee black. Well I have been introduced to almond milk in my coffee. So now it’s dark roasted folger’s gourmet supreme with unsweetened almond milk.

Yes I use almond milk in my smoothies (sometimes cereal), but for some odd reason it seemed weird to put it in my coffee. Now it’s like I’ve been doing it my whole life! Crazy right?!

I have a Keurig but it mostly get’s used when we have company. When we first got it I loved it it was super fast did not have to guess the amount of grounds. Then last year around this time I wanted a coffee press. For my birthday Jake got me a coffee press plus the grinder.

(might seem weird to some but I loved it!!)

I started buying coffee beans from whole foods. They have some really nice blends but it is pricey, then again coffee is pricey.

Then it became a bitch to get up early enough on weekday’s to get my water on stove to boil, and ground bean’s. I would try to get as much sleep as possible so the keurig came in handy. It seemed we only used it on weekend’s or should I say I used it. Jake is not that big of coffee (I swear he is not human)

In January I became intrigued by the bulletproof coffee. At the time one of my chef’s told me about it and how she swear’s by it. (she is big on nutrition) So I gave it a shot. I did what she did. I just added a spoonful of coconut oil and unsalted grass fed butter to my coffee.

I thought it was so crazy to be putting butter in my coffee!! But it was all the rage, and chef said it gave her so much energy.

I never felt any of the effects it clams to do. I will say it tasted nice and my lips were really conditioned. That butter is the only butter I buy now as well.

You are probably thinking I have problem, but I recently got a stovetop espresso maker. This is what I am currently using. Since Jake doesn’t drink coffee much this is perfect. It makes one cup and now that early mornings are not problem it works out.

I just use my Folgers’s blend I mentioned earlier then once it is done just add almond milk. IT sounds really boring I know, but this was a choice I decided.

I will say I still enjoy Starbucks and most Saturday’s Jake and I get a coffee. (he drinks those frapp’s  that are way to sweet for me, but I do take a taste of his when it is a new one lol) I usually get an iced latte with no added flavoring or just a iced coffee with almond milk. (Winter is a different story)

I get a little crazy about coffee. It is one of those comfort things for me. I love trying new coffee places, and blends.

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Do you like both like me? What do you put in your’s?! Please comment below!

Till the next time



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