Morning Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys! Today I thought I would take about skin care. I didn’t really get into skin care till I was 26!! I had no idea it was so important till a friend of mine started talking about her routine. I sat there thinking HOLY SHIT am I supposed to be doing this?!?! How do I know what will work for me?! What kind of skin do I have?!

To say the least I was freaking out on the inside. I asked her a lot of questions and she went with me to Sephora to help me find my needs.

I found out from one of the workers there that I have combination skin. Which means I;m dry in some spots yet oily in others.

I left that day with several different samples to find what I liked and that would not break me out.

I am 28 now and feel pretty comfortable with what I use. Now don’t get me wrong I still love to try out new products and I do change things up a bit.

Right now I am having to use this Face wash from Neutrogena because a few weeks ago I started to have really bad hormonal break outs do to stress (that folks is a whole different story) so I was out of the face wash I had received in a sample box and thought I better find something for acne.

I had heard good reviews about this face wash and I really like it. It smells like grapefruit and has little beads to help exfoliate. I have noticed it making a huge difference in clearing up my acne.

After I wash my face with I dry off and then spray this water mist over my face. Since I have combination skin exfoliating everyday helps get rid of the dead skin but does not help my skin stay hydrated. This is just water to help but some moisture back in my skin plus it feels great! ( I like to use this as a misting spray when it’s hot as fuck outside!

When my face is dry I then take a cotton round and put some of this face toner on. I go all over my face and neck. It is from Origins. I use this one because it helps with acne and oily skin. It is supposed to help keep my face from getting to oily.

After my face has dried from that I put my eye cream on. It has a metal adapter for the head that you use to pat on cream gently around the eye. This helps with de-puffing (so if you are like me and hardly get enough sleep this is what you need) it is made by the company MyBody and it’s called calm after the storm now you will probably shit bricks after you see the price. I did not pay that and will not be paying that! I got this in a beauty subscription box and it was the only item in it . I think it was called MyBeauty it costed me $20 and when I say I got one product even though it worth more than the box I still stopped ordering it. So sadly since I really like this product and it works wonders I will not be buying this.

I wait till my eye cream has settled in so about 2-3 mins then apply my face moisturizer. It is another Origins product. I like their products because they don’t break me out and feel wonderful on the skin. This is an energizing moisturizer so it is great for those “fuck this” days. It is not to much that your face feels like a grease ball. My skin soaks it in that I don’t even know I used it. It does not mess with your makeup or make you more oily later in the day.

What age did you start caring about skin care?! What do you use?! Do you have any recommendations?! please comment below!

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