Monday’s Weekend Recap

Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? How was your Monday? I wanted to post this yesterday of course but my Monday never seemed to end. You ever have that?

Friday night when Jake got off we caught up on a few episodes and had a couple of beers. We have been loving some brews around here in OKC.

Saturday was just a few errands because last week though it went by fast it really wore us out. We even took a nap for about 4 hours which is ridiculous! We finally got caught up on “sleepy Hollow” so we can watch the cross over between it and “Bones”! I’m super excited.

We plan to start watching “American Horror story” to get into the Halloween Spirt then of course we will watch movies like Hocus Pocus over the weekend!

My friend Tara said that not all the season’s of “American Horror story” are as good as others so we most likely won’t watch them all. What was your favorite season’s??

We got rid of couple sometime last year because we never watched it and I really wanted to watch this season of it but of course Hulu does not have it on there?! WTF they have all the others and of course the shows we are watching now but not that one!

We made a huge pot of chili since it finally got cold!!! But Sunday was the best!

We got tickets for the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at “The BOOM” bar and it was a blast! We went earlier to eat dinner then we watched, interacted, and had a few beers!

The people they dragged on stage did a great job + they got free shots which helps with the stage fright! haha

Jake and I would have loved to have some friends come along but of course everybody lives else where.

We do have some fun plans for this weekend as well so you will hear all about it in next weeks recap plus we plan to vlog so that will be up as well!

I have been trying out some new products these past few weeks and will be doing some reviews!!

Have a great week!



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