I Love Soap & Glory Products! They Smell Great and work wonders ;). This body lotion here is $20 and I actually think it is worth it! It smells so amazing and this tub lasted me a good 3 months!! ( This one is actually my 2nd tub he he) On days I have more time, after I shower I just lather this on and its sooooo amazing! It just makes my skin feel so soft and wonderful!!! This lasted did last me 3 months due to not everyday use so I can”t really tell you how long this tub lasts but once you try it you will never look back 🙂

So one day I went to Sephora to pick up somethings and one of the sales girls asked if I had tried this hand lotion from Soap&Glory……I had not!!!! Why I have no freaking idea haha. She put some in my hand and immediately I was in Love! This now is the only lotion I care in my purse and keep on my night stand! Here is the best part…..this only cost me $5 and it lasts for about a month. I am so thankful the sales Girl showed me this! How did I live with out??? It really is that good.

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