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Hello Darlings!

Did everyone have a great Halloween? We didn’t really do anything this year.

I am ready for the holidays coming up next! It will be nice to enjoy a tiny vacation.

A few weeks ago I received a package for received to try out this 2 SuperStay 24 color lip wear.

The 2 color I got where constant toast ( light pink) and Keep up the flame (red). I am not much for reds so I gave it to a friend.

I tried on the pink one a few times hoping for better results each time. I sadly was not a fan of these.

From far away they look great but up close it was dry, flakey, and felt awful on lips. I wasn’t even able to get the gloss (moisturizer) side on before it turned patchy.

I was able to see every line in my lips which I was not a fan of.

I think there are better long-wear liquid lips out there. I love colorpop and KatVonD liquid lips.

I did see some people liked this so of course this is just my opinion.

Happy Monday!




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