Marvelous MOXIE

Hello Darlings!!! Anybody else having a crazy weather week?! One minute it is over 100 then it rains!!! I find it to be a very weird weather summer.

The other day I went into to Ulta to pick up another lippie of my list! If you have been reading my blogs for awhile then you know I’m a huge lippie junkie! I just can’t seem to get enough.

I first fell in love with BareMinerals Marvelous MOXIE glosses last fall. I picked up one to test them out and why I didn’t go back immediately to get them all I have no idea, but I am slowly getting the colors I want to add to my collection. ($18)

The first one I ever laid my eyes on was Spark Plug! It was fall so I went with a nude brown color. They have the same cooling effect as the BUXOM glosses. They are minty and make lips look gorgeous!

I used it almost everyday that fall, yet it doesn’t look like a made a dent!

As soon as spring came along I had 1 on my list it Show Off a almost nude pink. I say almost because you can tell it is a pink. I find it goes with everything (it stays in my handbag) so when I rushed out the door or can’t choose it is there.

My most resent purchase is Miss Popular a very pink (hint of purple) gloss. I only bought this on Monday so I haven’t used it much. I can tell you it is no disappointment! I will most likely use this till the fall comes around again.

In order as talked about

The packaging is great so no worry of leaks in the handbag! Has a nice applicator just like most glosses do nowadays.

I still have some on my list that I will pick up, but for now these three are great!

I have tried one of their lipsticks (still new) and will let you know more about that later.

What brand are you loving at the moment?!?! Is there something I’m missing out on?! Do you like these glosses? if so, which one is your favorite?!

Till the next time (come say hi on twitter)




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