Love For Macadamia!

Hello Darlings!!

I have been trying some new things from the brand Macadamia hair products. I have been using two things from this line for years now and love them!!! I thought why not give a few more a try?! This is not sponsored I just really love this brand!

One of the products I have been in love with for years (I really can not live without) I had actually bought a small sample size pouch (Foil Packet ) from Ulta. I was just starting to try out new hair masks and had read great reviews on this. I just did not want to buy the whole tub if my hair hated it besides the packet was like 4.50 ( I got 2 use’s out of it).

This mask is so good!!! It is the Deep repair mask that really repairs!! I had been using a hydrating mask from Biolage ( I still really enjoy it) when I found this gem! I am currently out of it but when I was at Ulta today they were sold out (BOO) but it is that f**king good!!

Perfect for travel healing oil treatment

A few years of loving the mask I decided to give their Healing oil treatment a go! I love trying new hair oils it can make the difference in your style. I just use a dime size amount on my ends then what is left on my hands slide any flyaway’s down.

All of the products smell amazing which is a huge plus for me! I wouldn’t say they all smell the same..similar yes.The oil does not weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. It just makes it really soft and shiny! They have a healing oil spray which is on my list to try!

In the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with 2 other products!


I love and need dry shampoo but not all dry shampoo’s are equal! My favorite of all time is Batiste in brunette (I swear it is always sold out!! I always grab 2) but I thought I would give this one a fair chance.

It does not leave a white residue (which is really nice!) smells great, and soaks up the oil! I even used this on clean hair to really test it and it gives a bit of volume! I did find the sprayer to be a bit tough. It could just be my bottle but I really have to push down to get it to spray. This is my #1 to use when I am going with day 2-3 hair style.

It soaks up the oil great but it also gives your style live back. I have found with some dry shampoo’s you really need to add it before bed or first thing in the morning to give it time to work. I found this to work fast.

I have tried a few leave in conditioner’s in my time then settled for this. It makes brushing my hair easier, smells nice, plus does 10 things all at once. Then at the salon last week my stylist used something “that is like it but on steroids because it does 20 things at once” those are her exact words.

Why I did not buy it then I dunno but I had seen Macadamia’s Leave-in conditioning mist and thought I will try this first!

It is really light weight for a leave-in which I am really enjoying! I just towel dry my hair then use my teaser brush to get out any tangles, add the mist and brush with a comb to get it everywhere. I have been doing this for a week now and feel my hair is softer but that’s all I have noticed so far.

I enjoy finding a brand that makes more than one great product! I find at times I can only find a select few. I know it seems like a select few but since I am so pleased I will be wanting to try more. I know they have shampoo and conditioner which I am sue is amazing! I just have a hard time splurging on shampoo & conditioner when I know drugstore works just fine! ( I have found some higher end one’s I really enjoy but I had gotten samples or knew someone who used them) anybody else feel this way??

WOW! I can not believe it is Thursday already and I am so glad it is! If you read yesterday’s post I am feeling more and more like myself! I’m not so stuffy and sneezy LOL

What hair products are you loving?! Any mask’s I should give a try?

Till the next time feel free to comment below or tweet me! I love chatting with you!



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