Let’s Talk about TEA!

I know some people choose sides: TEA or COFFEE, but I am obsessed with BOTH!

However, today my darlings I am just going to share with you some of my favorite teas, and how they made the list.
My Tea’s for health

Have you seen or tried the brand YOGI? I pick these bad boy’s up in my local grocery store. You can pick up a box of just one kind OR sometimes you can get a sample box.

I personal buy a box of the Stress Relief, Detox, Lemon Ginger, and Super Antioxidant.
These are the tea’s I use daily some twice daily lol

Stress Relief- no lie taste like ASS, but if I have had a really stressful day a cup of this and a Bubble bath is all I need.

Detox- This does not taste great either so I had a little bit of organic honey. I drink one cup in the morning and one before bed.

Lemon Ginger– I drink this when I’m feeling low on energy or sick to my stomach. It ads in digestion and ginger helps with an upset stomach.

Super Antioxidant- We have all heard green tea is good for you, so I try and have a cup of this with some honey.

I like when I can find the sampler box filled with Cold Season, and Breathe Deep. I know Throat comfort, immune support come in the box as well just didn’t have any on hand.

This sampler box is great around flu/cold season. Most of them taste like black licorice to me so if your in to that great. I am NOT so honey is a lifesaver.

My nightly sweet treats

I have a major sweat tooth. It always seems to hit when I know I do not need a treat. So to keep me on track I turn to these. I bought all these from local grocery store. I will say my two favorite of these 3 are NUMI and Goodearth. I always find something new and wonderful.

Mint to me is a refreshing night cap that suppresses my appetite. While Numi in chocolate gives me my sweet fix. Sweetly twisted by goodearth is a flavor that is kind of fruity.

Sleep tonic

Bigelow is a brand that I see a lot. I manly like that they have different flavor chamomile tea’s.  When I can’t seem to get my brain to shut off (which is almost always) I have a cup of this in bed with a book. It relaxes my body and helps me get ready for bed. I added the 2 other tea’s so you could see they do make others besides Chamomile.

Just because they are yummy

Lipton is a very well brand name. I just love the flavors! This is my yummy tea. Plus, how cute are those triangle bags! During the winter I go through boxes and boxes. I buy mine at Walmart. If you have yet to try these Please do they are great!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found a new favorite. At least something new to try.

Are you obsessed with tea like me?!?!? What is your favorite? Please comment below and let the rest of us know.

This is all my own thoughts and what I really drink. NOT sponsored

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