Lemon-sugar fresh face :)

This was a new product I had received in my beauty testtube. I had been using it last couple of months and I LOVED it!!!The Sukiface exfoliating cleanser is great. It is the best exfoliating cleanser I have come across yet. This Tiny jar lasted me months and I plan to purchase it! It uses natural sugar that gently scrubs away toxins to unclog pores and deliver brighter, softer skin. I immediately noticed my skin feeling softer! I did not use this everyday just every 3 days in the shower. I didn’t want to risk it being to harsh on my skin since it does exfoliate really well. It also contains boosting collagen production that helps smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t really have this problem yet but why not start early??!! Right This product not only works great but smells great too. It has that fresh cut lemon smell and I had read that lemon is really good for your skin. Whether you use it on your face or put it in your drinking water. I have a few other products that I need to use up and try but this is on my purchase list for sure!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!

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