Learning illustrator…….

Hello Darlings!

Happy Friday eve!!! I ‘m sure you all are ready for the weekend?! Lord, knows I am!

I was thinking about what I was going to post today. I had either a collection of great fall lips or best fall scent but then realized that would be a lot of fall posts together.

Shit, it is just now fall I have plenty of time to get those up.

SO I was sitting in my illustrator class today (I swear I was trying to pay attention) thinking about what to post instead.

THEN it hit me! Umm Hello you are sitting in the fucking class!

I had recently realized Indesign and illustrator where becoming popular computer programs I knew ZIP about!

I am no tech person as it is so I figured if I wanted to land my “dream job” (whatever the fuck that is) a good place to start is with the tech.

I am taking both Indesign and illustrator this semester ( if you would like a post on indesign please comment below)

Let’s begin with I have no artistic bone in my body! My human’s are freaking stick figures and sometimes people still have no idea what I drew!

So far I have had two assignments. One was to draw a MP3 player the 2nd a guitar. Now before you think it was free hand they outline was already there. We just had to create it with the tools on illustrator.

Now you might think “hell trace? that’s easy!” Well maybe for some. IF it was on paper and I was using a pencil I might agree with you.

I have learned you can do some pretty amazing things with this program. Such as: Business cards, logo’s, packaging designs (with picture’s and logo’s) and much more!

My instructor create’s things for company’s all the time.

We were assigned our 3rd project and it is to recreate a fucking comic book cover! It is our choice but that so does not make it any better! ( I was quietly freaking out during class)

I told myself if i could do this project then making logo’s and whatnot should be a breeze!

Anyway…I would recommend you get to know this program if you plan to be a graphic designer or something along those lines.

It would be a good program to have on your resume as well!!

If you have any specific questions don’t be afraid to ask!



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